Cody Rhodes on Feud with Gunther and Potential Match with The Rock

Rhodes sees Gunther as a formidable opponent based on their brief encounter at the Royal Rumble

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes on Feud with Gunther and Potential Match with The Rock
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Cody Rhodes spoke about his future and plans via Twitter. One of the topics, of course, was a potential match with Gunther in the future, a match that many eagerly anticipate. Rhodes sees it as one of the options in the future, aware that such a match would be a true spectacle. Recently crowned WWE champion, Rhodes intends to retain the title and stop anyone who tries to halt him. 

Gunther has a massive fan base, much like Cody Rhodes. That's one of the reasons Rhodes expects an exciting and interesting match.

“So I’ll go ahead and say that Gunther is just out in the ether. And I do think that he and I are probably destined to clash at some point. That’s something I really look forward to because here, here’s why this is maybe a little inside baseball; Gunther is somebody that really is popular with the most hardcore wrestling fans, and there are definitely a bazillion different pockets of fandom."- Rhodes said, as quoted by PwMania.

Cody Rhodes is a man with immense passion and love for wrestling. His intention is not only to win and retain the title but also to create a spectacle for the fans of this sport, especially the hardcore ones who follow Gunther. Cody has demonstrated numerous times in his career how much he respects the fans and his intention to always provide them with what they need. A match with Gunther would certainly offer fans plenty of surprises and great moments.

"For the hardcore fans who are always with it, ups and downs, ebbs and flows. I always like casting myself against individuals like that because I don’t want people to ever think in this, ‘Oh, He’s the champion. Oh, he’s been. He’s becoming the face of the brand. Oh, it’s the song, and it’s the entrance, and it’s the py prro.’ I don’t want them to forget that I love actually wrestling."- he continued.

Rhodes sees Gunther as a formidable opponent based on their brief encounter at the Royal Rumble, recognizing the potential for a significant rivalry down the road. However, he also mentioned his interest in working with other wrestlers like Jey Uso.

Overall, Rhodes is excited about facing challenges from various opponents, including Gunther, as he continues to demonstrate his love for wrestling through his matches and interactions with fans.

Rhodes looks forward to any challenge in the future, ready to give his all. Now that he has achieved his goal, he has no intention of stopping there. His aim is to progress day by day and retain the title. Being the main face of this company is surely a significant achievement. Rhodes enjoys the moments he finds himself in, not focusing too much on his opponents.

Cody Rhodes also spoke about his match with AJ Styles this Saturday. In addition, when discussing individuals he would like to collaborate with, Rhodes mentioned The Rock.

Cody Rhodes expressed his desire for closure regarding his interaction with The Rock, particularly regarding something he feels The Rock should have returned to him. He sees closure as an integral part of wrestling, and he believes that in the world of sports entertainment, there's always the potential for closure to occur, even if it's in an unexpected manner. 

Rhodes eagerly anticipates The Rock's potential return.

Cody Rhodes on the match with The Rock

Rhodes recently discussed the possibility of a match with The Rock. He believes such a match would be a true test for him and a confirmation of his skills. The Rock has made a significant impact on the wrestling scene and still aims to leave his mark. Rhodes sees the current situation in WWE as fantastic, with a lot of talents ready to achieve great things. 

The Rock
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He expects the future in this company to be even better. WWE progresses year after year, evident in the high quality of new talents, which delights Rhodes and others. A match with The Rock will remain his aspiration.

“I think it’ll really come down to can I be a good champion or a great champion. Roman Reigns was a great champion, and will that be enough to entice The Rock? That’s what happened here. Rock will tell you that he made wrestling cool again. Rock made wrestling cool maybe in the first place, but this run is a whole new generation, a whole new locker room. Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, myself, Rhea Ripley, all these people. I think the more we keep this, the better we do, the more chances it lures Rock back into the fray.”- he said.

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