Cody Rhodes Aims to Become WWE's Most Profitable Talent, AEW's Forever Supporter

“I would like to be the most profitable talent that WWE has ever had."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes Aims to Become WWE's Most Profitable Talent, AEW's Forever Supporter
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During his appearance on the Cheap Heat program, Cody Rhodes discussed various topics within the wrestling scene, as well as his goals for the future. After becoming the new WWE champion at WrestleMania 40, Rhodes immediately set new goals for himself regarding the future. This amazing wrestler aims to achieve even greater things, not content to rest on his laurels. Holding the position of champion is a great achievement but also comes with immense responsibility, of which Rhodes is fully aware.

“I would like to be the most profitable talent that WWE has ever had. And I know who hangs in that group."- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by PwMania.

 He aims to emulate the achievements of legendary figures like Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, understanding the dedication required to attain such heights. 

Both of them had to work hard from the first day of their careers to reach such heights. Cody Rhodes has been in the wrestling scene for many years, and he surely knows what it takes to stay at the top and remain equally prepared. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to watch the legends of this sport, learn from them, and become the wrestler he is today. His journey from the beginning of his career until now is a cinematic story.

Additionally, Rhodes articulated his goal of surpassing the impact made by Roman Reigns, aspiring to leave an even greater mark on WWE history. 

The Roman Reigns era came to an end after a remarkable 1316 days. Reigns had the chance to dominate the wrestling scene for a long time, but every era must have its beginning and its end. Reigns has impressed fans for years, demonstrating that he is a wrestler deserving of immense respect. Now, in his place, is Cody Rhodes, who aspires to break records set by Reigns, which will be a challenging task.

Cody Rhodes looks on in a match against Roman Reigns during Night Two at Lincoln Financial Field on April 07, 2024
Cody Rhodes looks on in a match against Roman Reigns during Night Two at Lincoln Financial Field on April 07, 2024© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images Sport

WWE Champion Cody Rhodes reflected on his tenure with AEW

Rhodes expressed disappointment with the way his contributions to AEW were portrayed after his departure. While not naming specific individuals, he alluded to those who attempted to spread negative narratives about him upon his exit. He highlighted his ongoing friendship with Matt and Nick Jackson (the Young Bucks) and credited them for their important role in his career and personal life. Rhodes asserted his belief that AEW's formation wouldn't have been possible without his involvement.

Rhodes has created many fond memories since joining this company. For years, he was at the forefront of this company, and it was evident that it was time for a new career step. Returning to WWE was his dream. 

In a short period of time, Rhodes achieved great things and became the new champion. This is a clear indication of his superiority and quality. Rhodes patiently waited for his chance, worked hard, and demonstrated in AEW that he is a wrestler worthy of attention. It seems that he is progressing more and more with each passing year.

Despite any past grievances, Rhodes emphasized his ongoing support for AEW, comparing it to a parent's unconditional love for their child, even in challenging times.

Rhodes is not happy that individuals from AEW and fans of this company look at him in a completely different way. He believes that with his efforts and work he deserved to find himself in this position. His intentions are to stay at the top.

“It was certainly a wound that is more gaping and painful than people realize because now they look at the situation, ‘oh man, you’re on top of the world, you have everything.’ They don’t understand that I really gave everything I could. I did. I could never see a day where I was rooting against them."- he said.

Cody Rhodes on AEW

Rhodes also emphasized the broader implications of AEW's success or failure beyond his personal involvement. He highlighted the importance of AEW's stability for the entire wrestling industry, particularly for the wrestlers, staff, and talents associated with the company. Rhodes expressed concern about the potential financial repercussions if AEW were to face difficulties, emphasizing the trickle-down effect it could have on independent wrestling and the livelihoods of wrestlers worldwide. 

He underscored the importance of the comfortable environment AEW has created for wrestlers to support their families and thrive professionally, expressing a genuine fear of seeing that bubble burst. Despite any challenges or criticisms directed at him, Rhodes reaffirmed his commitment to never rooting against AEW and its success.

Being in this company for years, where he has been given everything and where he has achieved great things, is one of the reasons why Rhodes has no intention of ever speaking ill of AEW, neither now nor in the future. AEW has been a springboard for great successes.

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