The Undertaker on the Future of Cody Rhodes and a Heel Role

“He’ll probably have four major storylines, I would guess."- The Undertaker said.

by Sead Dedovic
The Undertaker on the Future of Cody Rhodes and a Heel Role
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'Six Feet Under' podcast was an opportunity for The Undertaker to talk about Cody Rhodes, the WWE Champion. WWE fans eagerly follow the situation regarding Rhodes's future. The moment many have been waiting for has become reality, but what will happen now? The Undertaker has decided to speak about his future, which will be uncertain. Being a champion entails greater responsibilities. Cody Rhodes must adjust to his new role and be prepared to work even harder than before.

"He immediately becomes the face of the company. He is now the one that’s doing the late night shows. He’s the one that is the spokesman. I mean, life changes considerably and he was already doing quite a bit of that kind of stuff as it was, but now his calendar definitely gets a lot fuller. I think knowing him and his connection with his audience, he’s going to work a lot because he wants to.”- The Undertaker said, as quoted by Pwmania.

The Undertaker spoke about expectations regarding Rhodes's future. The WWE Hall of Famer believes that Rhodes will have four major storylines. The Undertaker sees Rhodes's future as challenging and intriguing given the new challenges. It is important for him to remain focused and motivated now that he has achieved his goal. Options for him are already being discussed, but it is unknown what the future holds for him.

“He’ll probably have four major storylines, I would guess. Somewhere in that neighborhood. It just depends. You never know how something’s gonna take off. A lot of times you’ll go in a direction and then you’ll make a quick left turn, only to get right back to where you were before, but I think he’ll be busy. There’s so many people that make sense for him to work with.”- he continued.

Cody Rhodes looks on in a match against Roman Reigns during Night Two at Lincoln Financial Field on April 07, 2024
Cody Rhodes looks on in a match against Roman Reigns during Night Two at Lincoln Financial Field on April 07, 2024© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images Sport

As for potential challengers, several notable wrestlers could step up to face Cody Rhodes. Seth Rollins would likely be among the first contenders, The Undertaker believes, considering his prominent position within the roster. WWE Hall of Famer mentioned Gunther, stressing that despite losing the Intercontinental belt, may use this setback as an opportunity to ascend to a higher level of competition. 

These are certainly interesting options for him, and options that could potentially attract the most attention. Each of them is a respected wrestler who knows how to create a spectacle. However, the company's executives will make the right decision, aiming for the progress of WWE.

Additionally, The Undertaker mentions Randy Orton as a tough challenger. Roman Reigns, after an impressive recent run, may opt to take some time off, allowing other contenders to step into the spotlight. It will be particularly interesting to see who will get the opportunity on the big stage. Cody Rhodes is ready for anything, aware of his qualities. He is a wrestler who fears no one and intends to hold the title for years.

While Brock Lesnar's future involvement is uncertain, there are obstacles he must overcome before any potential match can materialize, The Undertaker stresses. It will certainly be interesting to see how these storylines unfold in the coming months.

If there's a consideration that Cody Rhodes might eventually turn heel, it's uncertain if this transition would occur while he holds the championship title. However, the approach to such a storyline remains unclear. The Undertaker expressed his thoughts on this matter, suggesting that Rhodes could be a good fit for a heel persona. 

Many speculate that he could excel as a heel, as his character exudes traits conducive to a villainous persona. Rhodes has the potential to portray a smug and superior attitude, characteristics often associated with heel wrestlers.

The question is how much Rhodes, as well as the company executives, are truly ready to give him such a role. No one doubts that Rhodes is a wrestler who has the capacity to adapt to any role.

The Undertaker on the best days of his career

The WWE Hall of Famer also reflected on the best days of his career. When asked when he felt the best in his career, The Undertaker pointed out that it was the period between 2000 and 2007. Then he felt the best physically, and he trained to be really big. He took his task seriously.

"I think around 2000 to 2007, somewhere in there, I think physically that was probably the best. When I came back in as the American Badass, I was really heavy. Like, I was intentionally big and I was just training to be big."- he concluded.

The Undertaker also reflected on the not-so-great part of his career when he faced injuries that caused him problems. Despite everything, The Undertaker faced everything in his career and became one of the greatest names in the wrestling scene.

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