Eric Bischoff's Take: Tony Khan's TV Role and the Call to Sign Jinder Mahal

"Going back to the comments that Tony made about Jinder, that started a whole thing."

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff's Take: Tony Khan's TV Role and the Call to Sign Jinder Mahal
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WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has decided to discuss various topics from the world of wrestling on his podcast (83 Weeks Podcast). Tony Khan, the president of AEW, is always an intriguing figure in the wrestling world. There's a great emphasis on his plans and moves for the future, and this time is no different. Bischoff has chosen to talk about Tony Khan and his potential signing of Jinder Mahal

Bischoff believes that signing Mahal would be a great move. He also addressed social media and the reactions that followed when Khan commented on Jinder. Eric is a personality who enjoys the happenings in the wrestling scene and the reactions of fans.

“Not sure what to make if it [WWE’s releases]. But first of all… if I was Tony Khan and if Jinder is available — and this isn’t a storyline. I’d hire him so fast. Going back to the comments that Tony made about Jinder, that started a whole thing. I mean, it sort of [set] the internet on fire for about three days, four days. It was awesome, it was fun to watch. People are nuts, man. People are nuts on Twitter, and I’m here for it all. It’s the most entertaining thing for me to sit down and watch some of these people go crazy.”- he said, as quoted by PwMania!

He sees this as an opportunity for AEW to capitalize on the attention and create engaging narratives for the wrestling audience. While acknowledging the playful nature of his suggestion for Jinder to instill fear in Tony, the underlying message is one of seizing the moment to spark creativity and excitement within AEW's programming. Bischoff suggests that by embracing the buzz and using it as a launching pad, AEW can prepare memorable storylines and potentially boost Jinder's role within the promotion.

Eric Bischoff on Tony Khan becoming a regular TV character

Eric Bischoff dismisses the idea of Khan becoming a regular TV character, suggesting instead that Khan's role should be limited but impactful. He sees Khan as the catalyst for the storyline, the initial spark that ignites the narrative. Bischoff envisions Khan playing the role of a cowardly villain, accidentally transitioning into a heel persona. 

Tony Khan
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Many also believe that this would be a brilliant idea. There are numerous possibilities for innovation regarding Tony Khan's character and potential role in AEW. However, it seems that Khan is not particularly inclined to take on such a role, primarily focusing on his role as the company's director before considering other aspects. The wrestling scene thrives on innovation and creativity. It will be interesting to see if Tony Khan genuinely considers becoming a TV character and thus surprises everyone.

He believes that by positioning Khan in this manner, it could effectively elevate Jinder Mahal's status within the company, potentially turning him into a beloved figure similar to MJF, albeit with a more structured approach.

Bischoff is suggesting a storyline where Tony Khan, surrounded by heels, plays a role as their protector. He envisions scenarios where Khan may exhibit physical reactions like running or jumping if faced with threats, but he strongly advises against giving him a microphone, fearing it could detract from the storyline. 

The brilliant booker and a figure who has left a powerful mark on the wrestling era currently holds a lot of ideas that AEW executives could potentially realize in the future. Bischoff is someone well-versed in the wrestling scene and certainly knows what would excite fans. While his ideas may potentially become reality in the future, it won't be his decision but rather that of the individuals within AEW.

Despite the timing of the suggestion being a few months ago, Bischoff stresses it could still be relevant and engaging.

Bischoff also commented on the great things that WWE executives have been doing lately. He's impressed with what he's seen. It's clear that there's massive excitement within the company about everything that has happened and everything that will happen. Many records have been broken, many faces have risen, and there are many talented wrestlers within the company. Bischoff had nothing but praise for every aspect of this company, which is growing from year to year.

 “A Lot of energy, a lot of success, a lot of records being broken on a regular basis. Critically acclaimed, really good PPV. Amazing storytelling, new characters. This Tama Tonga character, what an impressive young man he is.”- he said.

WWE executives are preparing even bigger and more interesting things for us in the future, which is an additional reason to enthusiastically await the coming weeks and months, not knowing what they will bring us.

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