Eric Bischoff Advises Jeff Hardy to Avoid Returning to Pro Wrestling

Bischoff emphasized the difficulty many wrestlers face in retiring from the business

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff Advises Jeff Hardy to Avoid Returning to Pro Wrestling
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The 83 Weeks podcast was an opportunity for Eric Bischoff to talk about The Hardy Boyz, a duo that made a big impact on the wrestling scene. Matt and Jeff Hardy are wrestlers who have left their mark on an era of wrestling in WWE. However, both have ventured onto different paths, opting to join AEW, a company with great promise. 

Matt Hardy is currently part of TNA, while Jeff Hardy is part of AEW. Bischoff is someone who believes that both of them will return to WWE at some point in their careers to finish their story in the wrestling scene. Bischoff sincerely hopes for such a scenario, but he isn't optimistic that it will actually happen.

“I’d like to see it, right? As a happy ending to an amazing journey and story, and two guys who have contributed a lot and made so many memorable moments. So the part of me that wants everything to be unicorns, sunshine, rainbows, and all that, I’d love to see that. Do I think it’ll happen? I think there’s a low probability. Do I see WWE or anybody else taking a chance on Jeff, given track record?”- Bischoff said, as quoted by PwMania!

Eric Bischoff expressed his strong support for Jeff Hardy, stressing his admiration for Jeff's work in wrestling. He acknowledged the challenges of the industry and suggested that it may not align with what Jeff needs in his life anymore. Despite Jeff's accomplishments, Bischoff speculated that returning to wrestling might not contribute positively to Jeff's happiness, considering his accumulated wealth and the potential for pursuing other endeavors that prioritize his health and happiness. However, he didn't dismiss the possibility of Jeff participating in a one-off match in the future.

Jeff Hardy's fans believe that it would be a great option if Jeff were to indeed leave AEW and move in a different direction. The best thing for them would be for him to return to where it all began. However, not everyone shares this opinion. Bischoff has a different perspective when it comes to Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy
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In discussing whether Jeff Hardy should return to WWE and his involvement in pro wrestling, Eric Bischoff expressed his view that it wouldn't be advisable. He also mentioned that it wouldn't be ideal for Jeff to continue working in AEW. Bischoff believes Jeff would be better off stepping away from the wrestling industry altogether. 

Jeff is someone accustomed to being part of the wrestling scene, achieving success, and enjoying it. Judging by everything, Jeff doesn't intend to end his career anytime soon. He's still eager for the big stage and passionate about wrestling. That's what drives him to accomplish great things.

Eric Bischoff about the challenges individuals face after retirement

Bischoff emphasized the difficulty many wrestlers face in retiring from the business, as it becomes ingrained in their identity and part of who they are. Bischoff underlined the challenge of separating oneself from wrestling, comparing it to walking away from a fundamental aspect of oneself. 

When you're part of something big for years, and when week after week you have the chance to work for one of the biggest companies, it's not easy to just end your career and turn a new page in your life. Many athletes, including wrestlers, emphasize how difficult it is to "cut ties" from that life and adjust to a completely new one. This is a problem that all athletes face.

Bischoff reflects on the different ways individuals handle retirement from wrestling. While some embrace the transition with optimism, others struggle to adjust to life outside the ring. Continuing one's life in a different light can be challenging. That's one of the reasons why some return to the wrestling scene, albeit aware that this narrative may not last.

Eric speculates that Jeff Hardy might face challenges adapting to retirement, stressing the uncertainty of his assessment. Bischoff advises Jeff to prioritize spending time with loved ones and expressing gratitude for his health and experiences, suggesting that finding contentment in life beyond wrestling is valuable advice.

At this moment, it's hard to make any predictions about whether Jeff Hardy will retire in the near future. No career can last forever, so there will come a time in the future when this brilliant wrestler will have to bid farewell to his greatest love. The only thing left for him then will be to realize that he must embark on a different path and be grateful for the career he's had. That's the only right approach for Jeff after retirement, assuring that he enjoys the moments post-career.

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