Will Ospreay's Response: Reflecting on Taking Aim at Triple H

Will Ospreay spoke to the media about his comments, emphasizing that his performances helped to some extent to put an end to the talk between him and Triple H

by Sead Dedovic
Will Ospreay's Response: Reflecting on Taking Aim at Triple H
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Will Ospreay and Triple H are obviously in conflict, judging by their statements. It all started with that comment when Triple H highlighted during one of his interviews that some wrestlers don't want to put in the effort required to perform in WWE. Although Triple H wasn't direct, nor did he specify whom he meant, rumors immediately surfaced that Triple H was targeting Will Ospreay, a 30-year-old AEW star. 

Shortly after, Ospreay prepared a response during a promo on AEW Dynamite. Will implied that Levesque is at the helm of the company only because of his relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

This sparked a lot of reactions. Some were surprised at how direct Ospreay was, while others believe that Ospreay has no right to speak about Triple H in that way, a man who has been in the spotlight for years.

Will Ospreay spoke to the media about his comments, emphasizing that his performances helped to some extent to put an end to the talk between him and Triple H. Ospreay pointed out that he has no intention of engaging in further debates with Triple H and similar figures in the wrestling scene. Ospreay is a person who generally dislikes when someone is critical of him and intends to humiliate him or act negatively towards him. He is always ready to retaliate. 

Now that he has responded, Ospreay obviously does not want to dwell on what happened, ready to make big things happen in the wrestling scene. The 30-year-old wrestler commented on his match with Bryan Danielson, highlighting that there is much more in store for him in the future. His intentions are to progress, primarily impressing people with his qualities and giving as little emphasis as possible on statements like those made by Triple H.

“Yes. I mean, of course, [but] I don’t want to address it anymore,” Will Ospreay said. “I come from a generation when like, the way I grew up, if you throw a jab, I throw one back. Although I wasn’t mentioned by name, it’s clearly about me. So all due respect, I’m kind of done with mentioning anyone over there now. I don’t want to do that anymore because I feel like I lowered myself to that standard. I don’t need to do that anymore. Look what I just did in the ring with Bryan. That’s only match two with pay-per-views. I’ve got a * load more to go down. So with all due respect, if you take everything into consideration, of course I’m annoyed about the jab that I took. I threw one back.”- Ospreay said, as quoted by Wrestlezone!

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Will Ospreay explained that the recent argument was his first experience with strong loyalty to different sides in wrestling, which he thought was unnecessary. He said he's decided to move forward from that situation. Although such things attract attention from both sides, he is aware that sometimes even such things can damage reputation or provoke anger. Ospreay's character is such that he cannot stand when someone intends to threaten his personality or try to provoke him. Some consider this experience to be important for him, an opportunity to learn something new.

Will Ospreay reacts

Ospreay also mentioned that he doesn't think it's a big deal; it's just an old joke from 20 years ago. He suggested not taking it too personally and mentioned it was the first time he's seen such a strong division between groups. WWE and AEW have had a specific relationship since the creation of AEW. Tony Khan and other company executives intend to help AEW progress and eventually become a company that challenges ratings. The intentions also include taking the top spot and dethroning WWE. In this atmosphere, it's natural for there to be disagreements, conflicts, and provocations between the two sides. Ospreay and Triple H are the best examples of this.

Additionally, while admitting that the situation did upset him when considering everything, Ospreay stated he won't go back to that path. He said he believes in his abilities as the best wrestler and doesn't need to argue with those he sees as below him.

Ospreay has attracted enormous attention after these reactions. Prominent figures from the world of wrestling have responded to him. Some believe that Ospreay acted in the right manner, provoked by Triple H. There are also those who believe that Triple H wasn't targeting him and that the reaction from the 30-year-old wrestler was unnecessary.

Time will ultimately show whether such words will serve as motivation for Ospreay to give even better performances and prove to many that they've made mistakes.

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