Adam Copeland on Retirement and CM Punk's Negative Comments About AEW

Copeland doesn't want to be one of the wrestlers who remains part of the wrestling scene despite being unable to perform at their best

by Sead Dedovic
Adam Copeland on Retirement and CM Punk's Negative Comments About AEW
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Adam Copeland, in a conversation with Brandon Wakre of Mostly Sports, discussed various topics. One of the topics was his intentions regarding his future in the wrestling scene. The AEW star has dominated the big stage for years, impressing everyone and showcasing his talent and qualities.

Copeland also discussed his acting career and how much he learned during that period. Having such experience is a powerful and positive asset for the future. He drew a parallel, emphasizing that both wrestling and acting careers share many similarities. It's necessary to embody the character, be prepared to give your best, and automatically expect the best.

“I’ve lived a lot more life. As strange as that sounds, it actually does add to your utility belt out there. As a performer, any kind of performer, they have to dip into a place to pull the character off. It’s the same with wrestling. That, more than anything, is what I’ve noticed coming back. Some of the skillset I got in the acting I did during those nine years off, I did over 100 episodes of television when I was retired. You kind of pull those things back with you. I feel that’s the biggest difference.”- he said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Copeland reflects on his current state in wrestling, stressing that while he may have lost some of his physical agility with age, he believes he has grown mentally stronger. He draws a comparison to Tom Brady, stating that mental acuity is crucial in maintaining peak performance. However, Copeland also expresses a sense of realism, recognizing that he doesn't want to overstay his welcome in the wrestling world. 

He wants to ensure that younger talents still view him as an influential opponent rather than as a past-his-prime veteran. Copeland estimates that he may have around a year and a half left in his wrestling career and hopes to make the most of it while still being a respected and exciting presence in the ring.

Copeland doesn't want to be one of the wrestlers who remains part of the wrestling scene despite being unable to perform at their best. He intends to be the best version of himself. AEW possesses many talents, so it's commendable that Copeland also considers the young talents who are yet to dominate.

Adam Copeland on CM Punk's negative comments toward AEW

In his conversation with Mo Amir on CHECK VANCOLOUR, Adam Copeland discussed CM Punk's negative comments directed towards AEW. Copeland confirmed that he hadn't watched Punk's interview entirely, only catching some parts of it. His intention wasn't to dwell on Punk's remarks but rather to focus on making significant contributions to AEW.

CM Punk
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Copeland expressed his desire to help young talents become the best versions of themselves, drawing inspiration from the approach of legendary wrestler Bret Hart, who similarly prioritized nurturing optimism and promoting the development of young talents. Copeland aims to be someone who promotes a positive atmosphere within AEW, with the goal of benefiting future generations by sharing his knowledge and helping them progress in the wrestling industry.

"I just saw clips. I have better things to do. I really do. I have kids. I don’t really care what anybody really has to say. However, what I will say is, from the small clips, I realized that our locker room needed a good message. So, last week, I went out and spoke to that. It’s a young locker room, and it’s a young locker room that, for me, because it’s a different time, we try to support each other. I came in to locker rooms where it was everybody for themselves and it was a bunch of great whites. I never subscribed to that. I always subscribed to the Bret Hart school of, ‘You can help.’ You can help young people and try and be positive and show that you don’t have to be ***** .. I don’t know how else to put it.."- Copeland continued.

Adam Copeland emphasizes his focus on positivity amidst a lot of negativity in the world. He stresses that while negatives exist, he chooses to prioritize finding and highlighting the positives. Copeland believes that the young talent in the AEW locker room particularly needed to hear positive messages, encouraging him to take action. 

He explains that he doesn't feel the need to seek out negative comments or criticisms, as he has more important responsibilities such as taking care of his children and enjoying personal interests like watching the Maple Leafs.  Copeland has other interests.

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