Emotional Response: Dustin Rhodes Reflects on Cody's WWE Title Win

"Watching Cody, that was emotional. I enjoyed the ride they all took us on."

by Sead Dedovic
Emotional Response: Dustin Rhodes Reflects on Cody's WWE Title Win
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WrestleMania 40 delivered what most WWE fans wanted: Cody Rhodes won the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. A few days ago, Rhodes managed to put on a great match against Roman Reigns, showing his best and finally stopping Reigns' dominance that had lasted too long. 

What's impressive is that Rhodes, as a member of the wrestling family, became the first to become champion. His brother, Dustin Rhodes, couldn't hide his excitement at his brother's success. Dustin Rhodes emphasized that Cody's victory reminded him of the moment when his father celebrated successes in WWE with his colleagues. Dustin believes that this is an emotional moment that he will never forget. The family member has achieved what they had been trying for years.

“That brought me back in time. I remember watching my dad celebrate with all the guys and all the champagne after he won. I remember him bringing home the belt. It was incredible, and it took me right back to that.

Watching Cody, that was emotional. I enjoyed the ride they all took us on. I watch everything and I study everything, and seeing him perform at such a high level–at the top, two nights in a row–it’s truly amazing. Cody pulled it off, and it was an incredible feeling. I’m very proud of him. He’s a superstar that has turned into a mega star.”- Dustin Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Their excitement could not be hidden, not even by Cody's wife, mother, and the rest of the family. It's a moment that has been long-awaited. Cody has worked hard, believed in himself even when everyone else had written him off, and rightfully ascended to the throne. Reaching such a position is a moment that requires a lot of effort and hard work. 

Cody knew what he wanted and never gave up for a moment. Despite facing many challenges at the beginning of his career, his career magically changed. It must be admitted that Cody deserved all of this.

Becoming a champion can feel like a surreal experience, and Cody Rhodes reflects on how the reality of it sinking in took longer than the moment itself. He describes a period after the victory where he still felt caught up in the mix of emotions and events, almost like he was still processing it all. It wasn't until later, around 4 o'clock in the morning, that he finally felt the full weight of the achievement sink in. This moment of realization was important for him because it signaled a transition from simply experiencing the victory to thinking about what comes next and how to build upon this success.

Cody Rhodes is happy because of his family

Cody Rhodes also reflected on the huge support he received from his family, primarily his mother and wife. Cody is happy about this "real component" where fans could see genuine emotions. He emphasized that he wanted to see Brandi as part of the entrance. He couldn't hide his excitement, and every moment of this evening was special for him. There were several things that Rhodes didn't expect, so this kind of support was very important to him. Cody admitted that he was sincere in showing his emotions after becoming champion.

Cody Rhodes reflects on how his father would have reacted if he were alive to see his championship victory. Firstly, his father would likely have evaluated the achievements of other wrestlers he had mentored or admired, such as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, appreciating their growth and success in the industry. 

Cody Rhodes
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Then, seeing Cody's name on the graphics and witnessing his success over the two nights of WrestleMania would have filled him with immense pride. Despite Cody's own doubts, his father always had confidence in his abilities, often more than Cody himself did. His father's belief in him would have been a source of comfort and validation, and he would have reveled in the knowledge that his legacy continues through his son's success.

There's no doubt that Cody's father would have been proud of his son's success, which continues the family legacy. The Rhodes family has been making great strides in the wrestling scene for years, never once straying from their primary goal. Cody has once again showed the qualities inherited from his father, building his career in an exemplary manner and staying true to his path. It must be acknowledged that Cody is a wrestler deserving of nothing but praise, as he has been dedicated to his goal from day one, aware of his talent.

We must give credit to the WWE executives who have done a great job waiting for the right moment for Rhodes to ascend to the throne.