Rhea Ripley on Panic Attack Before Match with Becky Lynch

“I legit was having a straight-up panic attack for 2 hours before I walked through the curtain."

by Sead Dedovic
Rhea Ripley on Panic Attack Before Match with Becky Lynch
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Rhea Ripley had an interesting Q&A session, providing insights into her career. As a wrestler who attracts huge attention, intriguing questions were to be expected. Reflecting on her match with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, Ripley revealed something that surprised many fans of the sport. Prior to the match, which obviously held massive importance for her, Ripley experienced a panic attack that lasted for two hours before she appeared. Ripley admitted to shaking and feeling nervous. Stepping out in front of such a large audience, ready to give her best, is surely one of the reasons for such anxiety. Her priority has always been to give fans what they want and not to disappoint anyone.

“I legit was having a straight-up panic attack for 2 hours before I walked through the curtain. I was like violently shaking, just nervous. If you don’t get nervous before you go out, especially at WrestleMania, you obviously don’t love it enough. That’s the way I think about it. I’m glad that the nerves were there.”- Ripley said, as quoted by PWMANIA!

Ripley impressed us as always, but what still interests many is why Ripley decided to involve Lynch's daughter in the whole story. Becky was frustrated by this, and Ripley understands her anger. In an interview for The MMA Hour, Rhea emphasized that she understands Lynch's anger, but it was her way of grabbing Lynch's attention, believing it was the best way to do so. Rhea is a wrestler who knows how to provoke her opponent using various tactics. It seems that she succeeded in her intentions this time as well, aware that this is the way to achieve her goal.

Ripley is already focused on what lies ahead but will often nostalgically recall about certain moments, such as the match with Nia Jax where she showcased her qualities. The match with Nia Jax was special for many reasons for this fantastic wrestler, and she also highlighted the reasons why that match stayed in her mind.

Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax:  Women’s World Championship Match

Facing Nia Jax at the Elimination Chamber held important personal importance for Rhea Ripley. She expressed that it was an emotional experience for her, as she struggled to express the depth of her feelings on that day. Ripley shared her excitement about performing in her home country of Australia after seven years, especially given her roots in Riot City Wrestling. Being the face of the event, with her image on the poster and even having her own emoji, made the experience even more meaningful. 

Nia Jax
Nia Jax© Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images Sport

From the choice of theme song to the overall setup, everything seemed tailored to Ripley's presence. Thus, stepping into the ring and sharing that moment with her country, family, and friends was incredibly special to her.

It seems that Ripley is still under the impression after a fantastic night in which she delighted everyone, just like Nia Jax. Ripley demonstrated in this match why she is so cherished by everyone.

Ripley reflected on her family, who are also her greatest support. She emphasized that they were ecstatic to be there and to be with Ripley in such special moments. This fantastic wrestler mentioned that her parents were overwhelmed with emotions, crying. Although her father is not someone who particularly shows emotions, especially crying, Ripley was delighted by his reaction, aware of the huge love her father feels for her and the support he provides in her life. 

She felt that her family was proud of her and didn't forget to mention her sister, cousins, and others, who made her night even more special than it already was. Having such support is every athlete's dream. The truth is that without the support of loved ones, it's hard to achieve your dreams, but of course, the priority is to believe in yourself.

Rhea Ripley is a person with great ambitions, considering her options for the future of her career. There are several names that stand out as primary candidates with whom she would like to face. Ripley is thrilled by some wrestlers and dreams of one day stepping into the ring with them.

Rhea Ripley expressed excitement at the prospect of facing Jade Cargill one day. She finds it exciting because she enjoys a good challenge, and she believes that Cargill could provide just that. Ripley admires Cargill's appearance, manners, communication skills, and overall presentation. She sees the potential for a powerful match between them, generating significant interest from fans. While Ripley is uncertain when this match will happen, whether at WrestleMania 41, WrestleMania 42, or beyond, she expects that it will be a highly anticipated event that generates considerable talk.

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