Cody Rhodes' Response to The Rock Mentioning His Mother

"She’s coming into WrestleMania week in Philadelphia, probably with everyone just wondering what she’s going to do."- Rhodes said.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes' Response to The Rock Mentioning His Mother
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Cody Rhodes, always an interesting individual, spoke with TODAY about various topics attracting attention. However, The Rock decided a few days ago to send a message via social media to Cody Rhodes' mother regarding the match between him and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

"A message from the hottest heel pro wrestling has seen since the 80’s. 

Mama Rhodes, you’re now in the Rock’s crosshairs. 

Your son’s blood will be on the Rock’s belt, that I will personally deliver to you at WrestleMania. 

I’m gonna put a whuppin’ on that boy, in front of his mama - so don’t you go crying in front of the world when I do. 

~ People’s Champ."- The Rock wrote on X!

Cody Rhodes wasted no time in responding to The Rock's message, providing a proper reply regarding the matter. This amazing wrestler believes that tensions rose greatly when The Rock decided to mention his mother. Cody emphasized that his mother confirmed she would carry bear spray but warned that she shouldn't bring it to the stadium. 

Cody Rhodes hails from a wrestling family. His father, Dusty Rhodes, is a legendary figure in the wrestling scene, leaving an important legacy in the company's history. Due to these reasons, Cody's mother is well acquainted with the wrestling scene and is someone who enjoys watching WWE. These are things she's accustomed to, and it seems she isn't overly concerned about such threats. Rhodes confirmed that even during matches, his mother is usually sleepy, which speaks volumes about her level of interest in such threats and callouts.

"You know it’s gotten somewhere when you’re bringing the Moms into it, my Mom told me that she was going to bring her bear spray and I had to let her know that you can’t bring that into the stadium.

My Mom has been a part of wrestling, she married my Dad when he was at the height of his fame within the industry, she’s seen all of this and I don’t think The Rock knows this, I’m not going to be the one to tell him, my Mom is usually asleep when the show is on.”- Cody Rhodes said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Rhodes confirmed that his mother will be part of the show, and it's still unknown whether she will have any specific reaction. Cody is someone who feels huge love for his mother and has tremendous respect for her. He confirmed that The Rock won't be anywhere near her. Rhodes concluded this topic by expressing a positive opinion about The Rock's mother. It will be interesting to see if Cody's mother will have any reaction during the show. Everyone is eagerly anticipating this great match, hoping for a spectacle. Nothing less can be expected from two such big names.

“She’s coming into WrestleMania week in Philadelphia, probably with everyone just wondering what she’s going to do, and who knows, she’s the best, she’s seen it all, she’s perfect. She’ll be there in the front row, The Rock ain’t getting nowhere near her, and if I can say anything about The Rock’s mom, lovely lady.”- Rhodes concluded.

Cody Rhodes on CM Punk's return

During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Cody Rhodes was asked about his thoughts on CM Punk's return to WWE at the Survivor Series PLE in 2023.

Rhodes explained that both Nick Khan and Triple H informed him about Punk's return and sought his opinion. He expressed his readiness going into WarGames and his happiness for Punk's return, especially in such a dramatic fashion. 

Rhodes clearly holds a positive opinion of CM Punk given his career and achievements. The conflict in AEW catalyzed CM Punk's return to where it all began. Although reactions to his return were mixed, the majority are excited and happy to see CM Punk once again part of the company.

CM Punk
CM Punk© Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Rhodes stated that both Khan and Triple H have a good understanding of the wrestling scene. Despite any past issues, Rhodes believes they have the company's best interests at heart. He mentioned his discussions with Khan, where he felt Khan understood his value to WWE. Rhodes also recognized the meaning of Punk's return, especially in the current era of WWE.

Rhodes shared his experience of sharing a moment with Punk at the Royal Rumble and views him as an influential addition to the locker room. He expressed regret over Punk's tricep injury but remains optimistic about his future in WWE, believing that Punk has much more to offer.

Both of them have provoked a lot of reactions with their returns. It must be admitted that they have done great things in AEW and showcased their full potential in the best way possible. This served as their ticket back to WWE, where they are currently doing great things and grabbing attention.

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