CM Punk's intriguing comparison of how WWE looked during his first run and now

CM Punk describes that period as brutal. Vince McMahon was a specific leader who loved such an atmosphere

by Sead Dedovic
CM Punk's intriguing comparison of how WWE looked during his first run and now
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During Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour, CM Punk reflected on the differences in the WWE locker room between his first stint with the company and now in the second round. CM Punk's return to the company sparked various reactions from fans. Some welcomed CM Punk with open arms, while others believed that CM Punk was unnecessary for the company due to everything he had previously said about it. CM Punk is someone who doesn't intend to react to the statements of his colleagues or fans, aware that his character demands such reactions. 

In his conversation with Helwani, he emphasized that his first run looked significantly different, highlighting the super competitiveness within the company. CM Punk confirmed that there used to be a greater intensity, wrestlers appeared ruthless, and it seemed like everyone had the intention to destroy each other.

“It is friendlier, you have to realize to talk about the way the culture is now, you have to talk about the way the culture was when I got there when I showed up, it was very much shark tank, cut-throat, super competitive and everybody looked at me like, * you, why are you here, you don’t belong here.”- CM Punk said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Over the years, it's clear that things have changed, as one would expect. Perhaps the most significant change occurred with the emergence of social media, where certain things began to be promoted that influenced everyone, not just WWE. CM Punk reflected on the names he had the opportunity to perform with. During that period, these were names that attracted immense attention, names deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. 

CM Punk describes that period as brutal. Vince McMahon was a specific leader who loved such an atmosphere and demanded wrestlers to be just like that. Now the situation is somewhat different, although WWE strives to preserve its old philosophy and ideas. CM Punk stresses that the situation is much more relaxed now, with the emergence of new names, but also because there is now different leadership in WWE. This is best felt by older wrestling fans, aware that every era brings something different.

“I was on television with nothing but top guys, I mean Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Kane, and there’s probably like 5 other guys I’m one hundred percent forgetting, it was brutal, and to try to scratch and claw and get recognized and noticed, and to get that little bit of TV time I was allotted, it was a lot different.”- he continued.

“Now, I think it’s more laid back, I think that’s probably the best way to say it, it’s a relaxed atmosphere.”- he concluded.

CM Pun on his WWE return

CM Punk discussed his unexpected return to WWE at the 2023 Survivor Series Premium Live Event. Fans were surprised, but at the same time thrilled, by his appearance. CM Punk is a character who has been missed by the company for all these years. His return was mentioned as an option, but some doubted whether CM Punk would actually return to the big stage.

CM Punk
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He revealed that WWE initially approached him about returning at the Royal Rumble, assuming he had a non-compete clause. However, Punk surprised them by indicating that he was ready to return immediately. Reflecting on the moment he signed the contract, Punk emphasized the quick turnaround, stressing that he signed over the phone and immediately walked into the gorilla position backstage. 

The reaction from those present was one of shock, with jaws dropping and people expressing disbelief at his sudden appearance.

After a successful venture in AEW, which may have ended in a bad way, CM Punk knew he had to continue his career in a different direction. The choice fell on WWE, a company that could provide him with everything he needed. WWE executives knew what the engagement of such a name as Punk could mean for the company and made efforts to make it a reality.

CM Punk seems happy with the new chapter in his career, ready to prove to critics that he is a wrestler with top-notch qualities and a person who has no intention of giving up despite the criticisms and question marks above his name.

Right from the start, he showed why there was hype about his return. Names like CM Punk are one of the reasons why we enjoy watching WWE and look forward to every new event.

The leaders of WWE have no doubt that we will see the best of CM Punk in the coming months. We have no doubt that promises will become a reality.

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