Seth Rollins Concedes Unprofessionalism During CM Punk's Shocking WWE Return

Seth Rollins acknowledges that for some fans, CM Punk holds a powerful place as a hero or martyr

by Sead Dedovic
Seth Rollins Concedes Unprofessionalism During CM Punk's Shocking WWE Return
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Seth Rollins has always been an interesting figure in the wrestling scene, capturing attention from his first appearance on the big stage. During a panel discussion, Rollins addressed individuals within WWE who frustrate and anger him, one of them being CM Punk. Rollins has been a part of this company for years and has consistently defended WWE, regardless of the pressures and attacks on the wrestling company. Rollins views WWE as a family where everyone must stand behind each other and provide support.

Rollins addressed his "unprofessional behavior" regarding CM Punk and the Survivor Series. However, he justified his actions by stating that he prioritizes the company above all else, unlike CM Punk and other individuals who primarily focus on their interests before considering the company's.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more unprofessional in my entire life than when CM Punk came back at Survivor Series. I was not feeling good. It’s the same thing with The Rock. It was the same thing with Cody Rhodes. I love WWE. We’re all family. I’m talking about everybody in the back, everybody that I’ve shared a ring with, everybody in production, creative, all the way from Triple H to every single person out here. We’re all family. We’re all in this together and when you have family, you protect your family. You protect your family from outsiders who have only self interest in mind."- he said, as quoted by!

Seth Rollins acknowledges that for some fans, CM Punk holds a powerful place as a hero or martyr. However, Rollins highlights Punk's departure from WWE a decade ago and his following attempts to criticize and undermine the company. Rollins sees Punk's actions as a personal attack on WWE, equating them to attacks on his own family. 

When it comes to CM Punk, we don't need to spend many words. Fans of WWE, as well as wrestling in general, are well acquainted with CM Punk and his style of behavior. Some don't appreciate the role CM Punk plays on the big stage, while others respect his character and contributions, believing that such personalities are essential for the wrestling scene. People like CM Punk are precisely the reason why we love wrestling, some believe.

Rollins emphasizes his role as a protector of his "family" within WWE and portrays Punk's actions as attempts to tear down everything he holds. In Seth's statements, we can feel the depth of love and passion he truly feels for wrestling, considering anyone who has ever said anything negative about WWE as an enemy. He is always ready to stand behind the company and defend its interests.

Rollins' reaction at Survivor Series reflects his emotional response to what he perceives as a betrayal, describing it as a raw and genuine reaction. He stresses that his response may be viewed as unprofessional but stands by his stance, stating his strong dislike for CM Punk and his persistent loyalty to WWE.

Seth Rollins on the match against CM Punk

In Seth Rollins' remarks, he reflects on unexpected developments in WWE, particularly his reaction to CM Punk's return at Survivor Series, indicating that a match against Punk wasn't something he had previously considered. Rollins also comments on the current exciting period in WWE, characterized by the return of iconic figures like The Rock, as well as other notable events involving figures like Cody Rhodes and his fans. He suggests that these events will be remembered as important moments in WWE history.

Seth Rollins
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WWE is in an interesting phase, attracting more and more interest with each passing day. While WWE has always been a company with a great rating, this time it seems they have taken an extra step with recent moves. There are many intriguing figures in the company at the moment, competing for the top spot. Fans are eagerly reacting to these changes via social media, aware that this may be one of the company's best periods. It's no wonder why Rollins considers this era of WWE as one that will be nostalgically remembered in the future.

What we can expect in the upcoming period are even more excitement, and potentially the emergence of some new faces that will add an extra element of excitement. The leadership of this company believes that things will improve day by day, and fans will eagerly await new events just as they have done so far.

Rollins is one of the personalities within the company from whom we expect great things in the coming period, aware of his human and wrestling qualities. There are many other interesting names from whom we expect great things as well. Patience will be required!

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