Cody Rhodes reacts to CM Punk's statements that Tony Khan is not the boss

“He’s not a boss. He’s a nice guy. I think ultimately, that is a detriment to the company.”- CM Punk said.

by Sead Dedovic
Cody Rhodes reacts to CM Punk's statements that Tony Khan is not the boss
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CM Punk spoke openly about the scandal that occurred in AEW during one of his recent interviews, which also marked the end of his adventure there. It's about the scandal involving Jack Perry and Tony Khan. Many believe that Khan could have reacted differently in such a situation, but now it's too late for any analysis. Tony Khan, AEW boss, is an interesting figure on the big scene, and many wonder if he is indeed the leader AEW needs. In the interview, CM Punk emphasized that Tony Khan is more of a nice guy than a boss, which mostly confirms what has already been said.

“He’s not a boss. He’s a nice guy. I think ultimately, that is a detriment to the company.”- CM Punk said, as quoted by Pwmania!

Cody Rhodes reacts to CM Punk's statements

CM Punk's statements are often controversial, given that he is a persona who doesn't hesitate to speak openly about everything, without fear of consequences and reactions. Cody Rhodes, currently one of the main figures in WWE, reacted to CM Punk's statements during his appearance on The MMA Hour. Rhodes believes that CM Punk's opinion doesn't necessarily mean it's the truth. Rhodes is happy and proud of his time in AEW, where he achieved great success and became the name that was expected to become. He highlighted several names that are crucial to the progress of this company, and names without which AEW wouldn't have become what it is.

“That is his assessment. It is not my assessment. It’s always important for me to remind people that I am so proud of what me, Matt, Nick, Kenny, Tony, Bernie, Brandy, and Dana, and Chris. And I name all these people because I was in those meetings. As much as the Internet will try to spin a narrative one way, if one of those people had not been at that startup level, the company have happened. And I am so proud of what was created. I am so insanely proud of what it does for the industry overall.”- Rhodes said.

CM Punk
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Rhodes believes that the incident involving CM Punk, Perry, and Tony Khan could have been different if there had been better communication between them. Rhodes has a great opinion of everyone involved and is aware that such situations are common in the wrestling scene.

Adam Copeland's reaction

Cody Rhodes is not the only one who reacted to such statements by CM Punk. Adam Copeland stresses that there is no need to look back on CM Punk's statements and things in which AEW is mentioned in a negative context. He is proud to be a part of this company that is progressing day by day, emphasizing that AEW makes the wrestling world closer. He believes that AEW is a company that also has the best wrestlers. Copeland is one of the most important people in the company.

Eddie Kingston reacts to CM Punk's statements

Eddie Kingston is one of those who also decided to react to CM Punk's statements, a bit frustrated with everything that is happening.

When asked about Punk's recent remarks regarding AEW not being a legitimate business during his conversation with Adrian Hernandez, Eddie Kingston responded with a dismissive tone. He emphasized that since Punk doesn't work for AEW, his opinion doesn't hold much weight for him. 

Kingston expressed his indifference towards Punk's comments, stating that he wouldn't be bothered even if it might sound like he is. He emphasized the distinction between Punk's perspective and his own, emphasizing that they have different roles and outlooks, which ultimately influences his lack of concern about Punk's remarks.

"If he worked for AEW and did that, then I might feel a certain way for a little bit, and then I would just let it go and go well, that’s Phil being Phil. Can’t control him, that’s his thing, he ain’t me and I ain’t him so I don’t care what he does.”- Kingston said.

CM Punk continues to captivate with his statements and behavior. While some anticipate him to mellow down, he remains the same persona ready to confront anyone and show his teeth. That's one of the reasons why he's beloved among fans of the sport.

Of course, CM Punk has many critics who don't accept his way of behaving, considering it brings no good. CM Punk has no intention of addressing such criticism, given that it has followed him since the beginning of his career. His intentions are to achieve great things in WWE and showcase the world the qualities he possesses.

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