CM Punk Addresses Backstage Altercation at AEW All In, Provides WWE Injury Update

CM Punk provided insight into his experience with arm injuries

by Sead Dedovic
CM Punk Addresses Backstage Altercation at AEW All In, Provides WWE Injury Update
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In one of the episodes of Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour, CM Punk discussed various topics from the world of wrestling. What may please his fans is that CM Punk feels good. For him, the priority is not to reveal too much, as it could create problems for him. 

Once again, CM Punk wanted to show his tough character, believing he is ready for the greatest challenges despite the injury. 

CM Punk has always had a special mindset that set him apart from others. In moments when many would give up, he sought even more from himself. Although such a mindset can sometimes be detrimental, CM Punk has always had his direction and goal.

I feel really, really good. There is part of me that doesn’t want everybody to know. I want to keep a bit of a secret. I feel way better than I think I should. It’s giving me a false sense of security. There is very much the hockey player in my head, ‘You could have made Mania. You could have taped it up.’ They are protecting me against myself.”- CM Pumk said, as quoted by

CM Punk provided insight into his experience with arm injuries, stressing a stark contrast between the sensations in his right and left arms. 

Despite feeling intense pain in his right arm, he cited a lack of discomfort in his left arm, describing it as feeling like a rubber band snapping. 

He recognized the efforts of his support team to prevent him from overexerting himself, particularly in light of protocols for a ruptured tricep tendon. 

Reflecting on the pain in his right arm, he expressed optimism upon realizing that it may not be as severe as his previous injury, suggesting that he hadn't torn it off the bone. 

However, he also recognized the seriousness of the situation, accepting the immediate realization that "This isn't good." 

CM Punk discussed his unexpected backstage appearance at a WWE RAW episode in April 2023, despite being contracted with AEW at the time. He clarified that it was Vince McMahon's decision for him to leave. Punk mentioned that his primary reason for showing up was to meet with Bayley and some other colleagues. He emphasized that he had no hidden agenda or intentions to secure a job with WWE. Instead, he described it as a casual visit to catch up with old acquaintances. Punk also mentioned his expectation of being asked to leave and noted uncertainty about Vince McMahon's presence, suggesting McMahon may have been attending remotely.

Vince McMahon
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When asked about any backlash from AEW regarding his backstage appearance at RAW, CM Punk mentioned that the term "betrayed" was used, indicating some discontent from AEW. He expressed his perspective that there's a distinction between wrestlers appearing on different television shows as part of their professional commitments and his visit to say hello to friends backstage at WWE. Punk seemed to suggest that if AEW chose to be upset about his actions, he understood but disagreed with their interpretation.

CM Punk- Jack Perry incident

CM Punk addressed the incident involving Jack Perry, which led to his departure from AEW in September 2023. This incident is a topic that is still talked about to this day, and it attracted a lot of attention from wrestling fans, key people of wrestling organizations, and even those who are not fans of wrestling.

Punk described how he was in his locker room when he heard Perry's remarks on television, which he believed were directed at him. He explained the context of the situation, mentioning that Perry wanted to use real glass in a match, despite Punk's concerns about the safety risks involved. Punk also shared his frustration with the lack of resolution and leadership within the company, ultimately leading to a confrontation with Perry backstage.

When Perry returned from his match, Punk approached him to discuss the situation. This encounter escalated, with Punk finally quitting AEW after a physical altercation with Perry. Despite the tense circumstances, Punk still fulfilled his scheduled match out of respect for his colleagues and the fans in attendance.

Regarding Tony Khan's public statements about fearing for his safety, Punk maintained that he had not done anything to warrant such fear. However, he acknowledged Khan's perspective on the matter.

This incident was a hot topic at the time, and there was a lot of talk about it. Various information was spread regarding the whole situation surrounding CM Punk and Perry, and it was difficult to understand what the real truth was in the whole story. However, CM Punk was aware of the consequences, and decided to think about his future and what is the next step in his career. CM Punk is known as a controversial persona, prone to incident. This time, some resent him and some don't.

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