Drew McIntyre Reveals Insights Into WWE RAW Planning and Character Transformation

“Right now, it feels like there’s no limitations."

by Sead Dedovic
Drew McIntyre Reveals Insights Into WWE RAW Planning and Character Transformation
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Drew McIntyre discussed interesting topics from the wrestling scene in an interview with CBS Sports. One of the topics was the changes regarding his character. McIntyre is known as a person who is adaptable, open to new experiences, and willing to do whatever it takes to meet fan expectations. Although often criticized, just like all wrestlers on the big stage, Drew has proven and shown many times in his career how hard he tries to become the best version of himself.

In the course of the conversation, McIntyre emphasized that he feels more motivated than ever before. This great wrestler talked about certain phases of his wrestling career where he wasn't too concerned, but at certain moments in his career, he had certain limits set that many wrestlers don't like.

“I’m fueled in a way I have not felt in a long time, I really have to point back to my independent run where I truly found myself and I was truly relaxed and I wasn’t worried about anything, except telling my truth, and over the past few years, you know as a smiling sword man, very proud of the work I did, but there was also a line I couldn’t cross, there were certain ways things were always done, we had to stay within those limitations.”- McIntyre said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

McIntyre is happy that the situation is somewhat different now, considering there are no limits, no wrong answers. Drew now has much greater freedom than he did before. Since the first day of his career, he has dreamed of this, and now he has the opportunity to show his talent even better. McIntyre is ready to take responsibility for things he is responsible for, open to providing fans with the best experience and a version of McIntyre they haven't had the chance to see before.

“Right now, it feels like there’s no limitations, there’s no right or wrong answers, there’s everything outside the box. Everything you do now, obviously in collaboration with the creative team, stay on point, stay on the story, don’t go out of the bounds of the story you’re trying to tell, but if you have an idea, you go for it, if it succeeds, it’s on you, if it fails, it’s on you, that’s all I’ve ever asked for my entire career was let it fall on me.”- he continued. 

Drew McIntyre on the process of planning WWE RAW 

Drew McIntyre discussed the process of planning WWE RAW during an interview on the Torg and Elliott radio show.

He explained that the planning is often uncertain, with plans sometimes changing right up until showtime. While there may be a rough idea of what will happen, it's not set in stone, and adjustments are frequently made. 

McIntyre emphasized that he prefers not to focus on the plans until the day of the show, Monday Night Raw, as things can change multiple times leading up to it. He highlighted that collaboration among the wrestlers and creative team continues until the moment they go live.

Regarding a recent segment involving himself, CM Punk, and Seth Rollins, McIntyre pointed out that tensions felt during the interaction were real, as it was more about the performers engaging in verbal sparring based on their instincts rather than strictly following a scripted outline. He criticized the practice of scripting everything down, suggesting it can hinder the authenticity of the performance.

Drew McIntyre
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With this, McIntyre has shown how much he values freedom in wrestling and how he strives to present things as realistically as possible. His attitude and passion for wrestling can be felt in such statements. Drew is someone who wants to show fans the tensions that exist and wants them to feel the dose of animosity in the ring.

McIntyre is happy in the company, which can be felt in his performances. In one of his interviews, he emphasized that his main intention is to continue having fun while he's still in his prime. He intends to keep performing in the future, ready to give his best and do his job in the best way possible. When it comes to CM Punk, McIntyre didn't want to reveal much. He hopes to soon have the opportunity to share the ring with him, hoping that CM Punk doesn't suffer an injury.

McIntyre said he's thankful for all the fans who cheer for him during WWE matches. He loves entertaining them and making exciting moments in the ring. McIntyre really enjoys wrestling and wants to keep doing it for a long time.

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