That's why WWE hasn't talked about Donald Trump since his election to the White House

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That's why WWE hasn't talked about Donald Trump since his election to the White House

In recent days in the United States there has been a lot of commotion after what happened on Capitol Hill, where several supporters of the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, attacked Congress where the parliament had met to formalize the new landing in the White House of the new president Joe Biden, who won the election a few weeks ago.

After seeing a real assault worthy of the best American Hollywood films, the US police had to use force to send the rioters away, unfortunately even opening fire on some of them.
The news obviously went around the world in a few seconds, with Donald Trump who was also almost immediately blocked on the most important social networks, for violating several of the public regulations of the sites.

Dave Meltzer reveals why the McMahons never talk about Trump publicly

Despite the fact that between the former president of the United States and the entire McMahon family there is a friendship that has been going on for years, with Trump who was also a guest in several episodes of Monday Night Raw and who had also taken part in a match of Wrestlemania 23, since Trump's election to the White House, no official voice has ever left the WWE, with the federation never even mentioning the president after his victory.

To explain the reason for this inexplicable treatment, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer thought about it, who in one of his latest updates to the site said: "Never, since Trump was elected, no one has talked about him, because they know that their audience is very sensitive to this issue, many are Mexicans and Americans, many others are African-Americans, you know that compared to other sports they don't they have more.

A lot of their audience members don't like Trump and even though McMahon's thinking is different, they've always thought they wouldn't talk about it. Not even on the site, ever. They never talked about Trump.

This was their doctrine because they knew it would bring something not good. They didn't do anything to bury him, but at the same time they didn't even support him publicly, although there are some photos of them in the Oval Room with him.

For example, they never even talked about this on the site and I'm sure this thing was wanted." After what happened a few days ago, even more so, the WWE will probably continue not to talk about Trump, preferring to leave its image divided from that of the former US President, who has created many problems for the entire country.