Jim Ross: "Why isn't Triple H mentioned as one of the greatest ever?"

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Jim Ross: "Why isn't Triple H mentioned as one of the greatest ever?"

In the latest edition of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross was asked why a legend of the caliber of Triple H is so rarely mentioned by his peers. The response of the WWE Hall of Famer was not long in coming, illustrating how The Game has not always enjoyed enormous popularity and sympathy within the roster.

JR: "NXT is Triple H's greatest legacy"

"He has sometimes been labeled as unsympathetic. We must consider that Mount Rushmore is a kind of popularity contest, useless to go around i," explained JR.

Despite having been a successful commentator, Ross is convinced that his best job was behind the scenes to put together the WWE roster. "I am of the opinion that my best contribution was to build the roster. At the same time, I believe Triple H’s greatest legacy has been the rise of NXT as a third alternative brand to Raw and SmackDown."

In fact, HHH is the founder and executive producer of the yellow show. The NXT brand has grown exponentially over the past decade and airs with great ratings every week on the USA Network. Ric Flair, who is one of Triple H's best friends, praised the 14-time world champion in a lengthy interview with WWE UK.

"He exemplifies the concept of legend more than anyone else, as he was not only a great athlete, but he also revolutionized the business. He probably knows more than I do, even though I am much older than him. My hope is to see him play one last match before retiring for good.

He deserves every possible recognition." Ric Flair said: "Triple H has achieved all of this through his efforts and has established himself not only for being a great athlete, but also for having played a fundamental role in the growth of NXT.

He has offered many young boys the opportunity to show off and enter the main roster, working with them on a daily basis. Also, we're talking about one of my two or three best friends. We recently met in the post-TLC episode of Raw and had a good chat.

He can still handle the same kind of schedule we did in the old days. He does not miss anything and he always wants to see the company grow. In fact, my hope is to see him back in the ring for one last match in the future. He deserves every possible recognition for what he has been able to do."