Big Show: "The greatest of all time is ..."

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Big Show: "The greatest of all time is ..."

Wrestling fans will remember well that WWE had plans to hold a spectacular match between Big Show and NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal after the two giants had a face-off during Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32.

Plans for WrestleMania 33 eventually fell through, without Vince McMahon's company ever providing an official explanation for what happened. However, Big Show never quite dismissed the idea of ​​a meeting with Shaq in the near future.

In a lengthy interview granted to WWE UK a few hours after Raw Legends Night, the seven-time world champion had a lot of discussion on this issue.

Big Show: "My retirement is not imminent"

“I would never say never.

My perfect scenario would be WrestleMania. It is undoubtedly the ideal context, given that we had come very close in the past without being able to make it happen. This is one of the pebbles that I would like to remove from my shoe before quitting, so as to decide who is the best giant between me and Shaq," he joked.

Show reiterated that he will not be retiring anytime soon and that he would still be interested in being part of a title feud in 2021. "I was often asked if I was still interested in competing for a title. I can answer that in 2021 I will go hunting for this opportunity.

I keep fighting because I enjoy it and also because I'm very good." The eleven-time duo champion has also selected the greatest superstar of all times: "In my opinion, the best ever is certainly The Undertaker.

I don't think there has ever been anyone who has had the same impact as him and for so long. It's not just what he has done in the ring, but also how he has shaped so many young talents over the years. The commitment he put into the development of our sector has raised the bar to a crazy level."

During one of the latest editions of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wanted to explain to WWE Universe fans why WWE had always refused to stage a match starring the former American basketball champion, saying: "Both sides have always complained about the other when it comes to Shaquille and the WWE.

WWE has always said it was willing to talk about an athlete's active match at any time he wanted, but he never agreed to it. WWE has always maintained that he did not want to train and was never in great physical condition.

Shaquille, on the other hand, has always maintained that WWE has always promised him a large sum of money, but he would never offer it in a real way, so an official request would never arrive." Apparently, the ex's imperfect physical form.

basketball player of the Lakers and Miami Heat, he would not have led the WWE management to lean towards a match between him and the Big Show, with the WWE giant who was ready for yet another great match between sportsmen of different disciplines after the Wrestlemania matches against Akebono and Floyd Mayweather Jr.