Sami Zayn Surprised by Booker T Revealing Details of Their Conversation

“Well, I was a little surprised to read that. Because I basically bumped into Booker on the plane."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sami Zayn Surprised by Booker T Revealing Details of Their Conversation
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During the Superstar Crossover Podcast, Sami Zayn discussed fan reactions and Booker T's response to him earning the right to challenge Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 40. Fans had mixed opinions, with the majority preferring to see Chad Gable replace Zayn. 

In the latest RAW episode, Zayn managed to defeat Reed, McDonaugh, Ricochet, Nakamura, and Gable to capture the WWE Intercontinental Title. Zayn talked about all of this, emphasizing Booker T's reaction, who revealed that Zayn had told him he wasn't happy with the fan response. 

Zayn was surprised to see such headlines and statements from Booker T and explained how everything unfolded. He confirmed being pleased with the match but expected stronger fan reactions, hoping for more attention to be focused on him and his victory rather than Chad.

Well, I was a little surprised to read that. Because I basically bumped into Booker on the plane. And we were just, you know, we were sitting next to each other. So we’re just talking. So it’s pretty weird to see it on the internet. And I was like, Yeah, I was very pleased with the match. It’s just unfortunate that it felt like the reaction to the win itself was a little split, if not a little more skewed towards Chad, even because we did such a great job of building chat. And he’s done a great job of building himself."- he said, as quoted by

Zayn emphasized that he's a wrestler who has been striving since day one of his career, building it in the best possible way without any scandals. What he expects from fans is to recognize his effort, qualities, and to invest more emotionally. He feels that at this moment, he hasn't received complete attention from fans or emotional investment. Sami, to some extent, considers such reactions from the audience as betrayal, considering he deserves much more than that.

However, such things shouldn't particularly disappoint him, given that the wrestling scene often brings reactions that aren't in line with what you truly do. This can only serve as even greater motivation for him to progress, to show some of the fans that they are mistaken, and to elevate his career to an even higher level.

"You know, for sure, and when you’re a good guy, or whatever, or bad guy, and you know where you’re headed. You just want the full investment, right? You want the full scope of audience emotional investment. And I felt like this was an interesting story because it splits the emotional investment in two. So you’re only getting 50% of the pie, right? So that’s just an interesting dynamic. It’s certainly interesting because it makes it more compelling. But for sure, as a guy whose job is to rally the entire audience behind them, which is what I sometimes feel like my job is as a good guy. I was a little let down that I felt like I couldn’t get the entire audience to rally behind me.”- he continued.

Booker T on Sami Zayn's reaction

As previously mentioned, Booker T revealed Sami Zayn's reaction during his 'Hall of Fame' podcast. Booker T couldn't understand why Zayn had such a furious reaction about fans not being fully invested in his performance and victory. Zayn expressed his dissatisfaction to Booker T, expecting fans to love him. However, their reaction was somewhat different from what Zayn expected. 

Booker T
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Booker T, an experienced figure who has been a leading voice in the wrestling scene for years, told Zayn not to focus on various reactions. Booker T assured him that in the future, he will be happy with his performance and thrilled with what he has shown. At that moment, fan reactions won't be his priority at all.

"He was so literally upset about the online heat that he got from the fans. He's like, 'Man, I thought the fans love me. And then next thing you know, I see all this stuff.' I say, 'Man, you can't listen to that white noise. You gotta think about how great that match was, and you're gonna look back on it one day and say: 'Man, that was some really, really good work that I did.' But he still, like I said, was feeling that heat."- Booker T said.

Booker T is a persona from whom many surely have the chance to learn various things, including Zayn. Such advice can be crucial for the development of his career and changes in his mindset in the future. Booker T has helped many people build their careers.

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