Rhea Ripley's On Top Women's Wrestlers, Dominik Mysterio and Her Relationship

Rhea Ripley expressed her hope for Dominik Mysterio to climb to the top of the card

by Sead Dedovic
Rhea Ripley's On Top Women's Wrestlers, Dominik Mysterio and Her Relationship
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Rhea Ripley discussed her Mt. Rushmore of women's wrestlers during the Logan Paul Impaulsive podcast. Ripley shared her opinion, and it must be acknowledged that her list is interesting.

“I have to put Mami on it. I have to. Then, I’d probably go Bianca. I love Bianca. Probably Becky [Becky Lynch]. Right now, we have beef, but I’d go with Becky and my archnemesis Charlotte.”- Ripley said, as quoted by pwmania.com!

Reflecting on Bianca Belair, she emphasized that Bianca possesses many impressive qualities. Ripley highlighted that she often looks up to Belair, aware of how hard Bianca works and her desire to progress. Rhea also mentioned that Belair is not only active in WWE but also outside the company. 

Bianca Belair
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She is someone who strives in every aspect of her career and always aims to be the best. Ripley stresses that Belair is a great businesswoman. It must be admitted that Ripley did not spare compliments when praising Belair and her career.

“There’s a lot [she excels at]. Everyone is working extremely hard and in different parts of the business. Bianca is always one I look at because she not only rocks out every single week to TV and does what she needs to do and absolutely knocks it out of the park, but she does everything behind the scenes, too. She’s going to all the media events. She does all the interviews. She’s a very fantastic businesswoman. She is the perfect person for it. She’s so well-spoken and polite and smart. I wish could articulate things the way she does. I’m not too good with the words.”- Ripley continued.

Bianca Belair recognized how much respect Ripley has for her and knew how to respond in the right way. In her interview with Fightful, Belair confirmed that Rhea Ripley is an amazing person and wrestler. Despite the respect she has for Ripley, Belair wants to take the title from her, but she also emphasizes the need to show her love. She reminisced about the moments when they both entered WWE together and how they progressed in the company in similar ways. Belair confirmed that she will always show love and respect towards Ripley, as she is one of her favorites.

Rhea Ripley on Dominik Mysterio and his career

Rhea Ripley expressed her hope for Dominik Mysterio to climb to the top of the card based on his dedication and hard work within the company. She emphasized his consistent presence on various shows and his commitment to continuously improving his skills. Despite facing significant crowd backlash, particularly during promos, Dominik manages to deliver impressive performances. 

Dominik Mysterio
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Ripley highlighted his resilience and ability to compete at a high level, as demonstrated in his match against Gunther. Despite not emerging victorious, Dominik's performance caused attention and respect, showing his potential to compete among the top talent in the company.

Dominik Mysterio is a persona who attracts attention weekend after weekend, with his charisma and character. One can feel how much talent he has inherited from his father, and how he strives to become an equally great wrestler like him.

Rhea Ripley on her relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley discussed her relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews.

Ripley highlighted Matthews' extensive wrestling experience, spanning over a decade, acknowledging his success in WWE and his current trajectory in AEW with the House of Black. Despite the differences in platforms, Ripley emphasized Matthews' comfort with her higher-profile platform and his supportive attitude towards her career growth. Matthews is a huge support for her, and Ripley is very grateful to him for everything he has given her.

Rhea Ripley
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She expressed trust in Matthews' assurance that he is not threatened by her success, emphasizing their collaborative approach to their relationship and mutual support in personal and professional endeavors. Ripley views their relationship as a partnership, where they help each other grow and succeed.

They are an example of a partnership in which one partner pushes and supports the other, while at the same time, the other partner does the same. Simultaneous support is what is most important for the health of a relationship or a marriage. Ripley is a person who has a huge love for WWE, but just like every person in the world, sometimes she has difficult moments in which Matthews is her biggest support.

The most important thing for her is to stay in a great relationship with him, to build her career as before, and to achieve great success.

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