Becky Lynch shares an interesting take on the Vince McMahon allegations

Vince McMahon is a leader known for his often critical, rigid attitudes, and brutal honesty

by Sead Dedovic
Becky Lynch shares an interesting take on the Vince McMahon allegations
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Becky Lynch is one of those who reacted to the allegations against Vince McMahon, former WWE boss. Becky shared her opinion during an interview with the Sports Media Podcast, aiming to be honest. At the very start, she pointed out that these are horrendous allegations, given that she never had similar experiences with Vince McMahon, who was almost like a grandfather figure to her. 

Vince McMahon is a leader known for his often critical, rigid attitudes, and brutal honesty. In such an atmosphere, many wrestlers did not have the strength to remain part of the company and were unable to cope with the pressure. However, McMahon has been like that since the first day of WWE's creation, ready to create a company that will dominate. The fact is that he succeeded in doing so.

“They’re horrendous allegations, they’re horrendous, and it’s so hard to listen and reconcile with because you don’t know that person. The person that I’ve experienced was like a grandad. At times a very grumpy granddad, and one that you’re frustrated with."- Lynch said, as quoted by

Lynch continued in the interview to highlight that despite his authoritative style and pursuit of perfection, McMahon was the person who motivated her the most and was a huge support for her. At many points throughout her career, he showed understanding and was open to helping her. This is the other side of McMahon that is rarely talked about. For her, it's very difficult to reconcile the McMahon she knows with the person who has been accused of such actions. In Lynch's words, there is a sense of uncertainty, as she is not sure of how much truth there is in everything.

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"But one that was so supportive of me and my family and of my career, encouraging and understanding as well at times, and is also very responsible for one for the dream that I have, the fact that there is a WWE and then allowing me to live my dream, for meeting my husband, for my whole family, everything that I have. And then you hear these allegations and it’s hard to connect the two. In many ways they just feel like two different people. So trying to see them as one person, I don’t know, it’s very hard. It’s very difficult to reconcile.”- Lynch continued.

Lynch also spoke about McMahon in one of the interviews as someone who had only wonderful experiences with him. The fact is that Vince McMahon has always been an interesting leader who has often had different approaches towards various wrestlers. McMahon has generally been a persona aiming to extract the maximum potential from each wrestler and create the best show. As previously mentioned, some individuals struggled to cope with his leadership style, leading to a significant number of wrestlers giving up on their WWE adventure.

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Opinions among WWE fans are divided. While some believe that McMahon is truly guilty in this story, many others are unsure whether the former WWE boss is actually to blame in this case.

Becky Lynch and WrestleMania 40: I would love to open the show. I would love that

Becky Lynch also recently mentioned in an interview, this time with Clutch Points, that she would love to open WrestleMania 40. The fact that she has never opened WrestleMania before is a motivation for her to do so, especially this time in Philadelphia. WrestleMania carries a special charm and allure, and being part of this show is a dream for many wrestlers, including Lynch.

"Nah, man, I’m not worried about card order. I would love to open the show. I would love that. I’ve never opened WrestleMania before. And to open this one, as big as it is in Philadelphia, I’m just putting that out there. It would be pretty cool because if it’s not the main event, I always want to be the opening spot — it’s always a great place on the card because people are so excited.”

In expressing her preference to open the show on Night One of WrestleMania 40 rather than Night Two, Becky Lynch highlighted her desire to be the first match of the entire event. She explained that this position would allow her to have ample time to relax and fully enjoy watching her partner, Colby (Seth Rollins), main event WrestleMania, which she considers to be a truly special moment.

It will be interesting to see what kind of plans the leaders have for her. Lynch deserved only the best.

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