That's why no one jokes with The Undertaker

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That's why no one jokes with The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the greatest WWE legends with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and the others. When we talk about Deadman we are certainly dealing with one of the most interesting, as well as important, characters of the entire WWE.

Throughout his career, Taker has always been considered a leader, admired and taken as an example by most of his colleagues. Talking about the legend durong his podcast, former WWE Tag Team champion D-Von Dudley shared details about his experience against the Texan champion, and how the Deadman welcomed him backstage.

At the same time, D-Von revealed that everyone in the backstage is afraid to joke with The Undertaker and indeed have to ask for permission before making jokes about him. Here are the words of the wrestler: "I first met The Undertaker at Manhattan Center.

It was when ECW conquered WWE. He had totally invaded it. I think it was in 1997. When I watch The Undertaker climbing into the ring there is an aura about him, this is the thing that everyone notices. I must say that he can act very well and often it is really disturbing "

The wrestlers' fear of joking with The Undertaker

Then D-Von continues in his Podcast: "You can't mess with Taker.

Ask for permission if you want to joke with him, because he can end up turning around and giving you that look ... It looks like God in that case and you should shut up! At the same time I must say that he is very nice in the backstage.

The first time I met him I was hypnotized and thought 'Oh my god, it's The Undertaker' I know this is the reaction of all wrestlers when they see the Deadman." In the last few weeks there has been talk of The Undertaker, especially after the retirement of the Deadman was announced in the last episode of the WWE documentary The Last Ride.

During the last fight of the wrestling legend at WrestleMania 36 the Undertaker beat AJ Styles. After defeating Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship in 1991, a victory that made him the youngest world champion of the time, the Undertaker became the the focal point of many storylines and key matches in WWE history, becoming one of the most loved wrestlers ever.