Becky Lynch on her new book and the conflict with Charlotte Flair

Lynch confirmed that she had always intended to write an autobiography

by Sead Dedovic
Becky Lynch on her new book and the conflict with Charlotte Flair
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Becky Lynch was a guest on the 'Cheap Heat' podcast where she talked about various topics from her career. One of the topics was whether Becky feels nervous before her Wreste Mania matches. Lynch confirmed that she feels a dose of nervousness before every match. She believes that nervousness is a positive thing that influences her to give her best.

“I get nervous before I go out for every match. The only time I’ve not gotten nervous, I think there was like one or two times, and it’s been some of my worst performances. I like the nerves. The nerves are good. They do something to me. They make me better.”- Lynch said as quoted by

Lynch also spoke about her book 'Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Girl'. She reflected on her relationship with Charlotte Flair, which wasn't ideal in the past, as well as their current bond. Lynch emphasized that their relationship is good now. During the writing of the book, she wanted to consider their relationship from both perspectives.

“I think it’s good. I think in writing this book, at no point, I certainly did not intend to in any way be disparaging against her and I don’t think I have. I think I’m fair in trying to give her perspective and things because I don’t think it’s fair to completely bury somebody in a book, especially in a world that is so subjective, because they don’t have the opportunity to defend themselves. I talk about our fallouts, but I at least tried to paint it from her perspective as well as from my own.”- Lynch continued.

During her discussion, Lynch reflected on her relationship with Charlotte Flair, emphasizing that despite their past conflicts, there's an underlying bond of love between them. She likened their connection to that of best friends or sisters, stressing that while wrestling created tension between them, they ultimately found their way back to each other. 

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The wrestling scene is such that it brings a lot of unpredictability and conflict. It is crucial that after all the person understands that respect and love must be a priority. Conflicts are there to be resolved.

Lynch stresses that even if people don't always get along, it's still important to help each other when we can. She says it's better to focus on being friends instead of staying mad at each other, because staying mad just makes us feel bad in the end.

Becky Lynch on the wrestling scene

Lynch remembered several big names in the wrestling scene who have passed away in recent years. She believes this shows how precious life is and that every moment should be cherished. While disagreements are a part of every job, including wrestling, she believes that conflicts and disagreements can be resolved. Lynch also points out that the wrestling scene is such that viewers find it difficult to assess the reality of certain conflicts and how much truth there is in them. However, conflicts are present in wrestling companies.

Lynch stresses there's still a lot of interesting stuff to see on TV between her and Charlotte Flair. She says they haven't fought in a match for more than two years, so if they have one now, it'll be really exciting for everyone to watch.

Charlotte Flair
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It will be interesting to follow her career path and find out what her plans are for the future. Lynch is someone we've always expected great things from, so we expect the same this time.

In addition to her future in the wrestling scene, many are interested in her book and the details about herself that she will reveal within it. This is how Lynch will share a part of herself and present to her fans (and even those who aren't her fans) the real version of herself.

Lynch confirmed that she had always intended to write an autobiography. She had been thinking about it since the first day of her career. Her father supported her on that journey. As a girl, Lynch watched wrestling and wanted to become a star like some names such as Mick Foley.

During the writing of the book, she wanted to convey an authentic experience and be as honest as possible, as many could relate to her book. Becky also emphasized that her book is a great opportunity for others to understand where she made mistakes and learn from them. Applying some things from her book can help other young wrestlers who intend to build a career.

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