Vince Russo on Cody and Brandi Rhodes: Most Unlikeable People. He Needs Therapy

Russo didn't like how Cody acted like a babyface in wrestling, thinking that crying over small things makes him less believable

by Sead Dedovic
Vince Russo on Cody and Brandi Rhodes: Most Unlikeable People. He Needs Therapy
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Cody Rhodes is a figure that has attracted huge attention, not only since his return to WWE but also long before that. Opinions about him vary. Fans mostly hold positive views, while some don't particularly think highly of Rhodes. 

Vince Russo, in a conversation for The Brand podcast, talked about Rhodes' character, emphasizing that this popular wrestler is actually a heel, not a babyface. Russo reflected on a reality show where he wasn't particularly impressed by Rhodes and his behavior. Russo points out that Rhodes' family places a strong emphasis on material possessions rather than other things.

"What's ironic is Cody Rhodes does everything that a heel would do. He's a heel. Cody Rhodes is a heel. The dude owns his own tour bus. If you watched that reality show that him and his wife had when he was at AEW, these two came across as the two biggest pompous -------- on television I had ever seen. You know, they're all about money and they're all about the nice house, and on top of that, at that point, they were getting ready to have a kid and it was clear that their wrestling careers were more important than having this kid," he said, as quoted by

Brandi Rhodes is not someone Russo has a positive opinion of. Cody's wife is, in his opinion, a similar person to him. Russo points out that wrestling fans generally do not like individuals who stand out in such a way, showing off money and wealth.

"They were heels. They were people that you did not like. Cody has a tour bus. People generally don't like people with money, especially when people with money are flaunting their money. People don't like that. And if you watch that Rhodes to the Top, whatever that is, my God, these were two of the most unlikable people you would ever see. [...] So, he continues that over at WWE, where he wears these suits. Bro, who do blue-collar workers hate more than anybody else? They hate people wearing suits."- he continued.

Vince Russo provided his analysis of Cody Rhodes' WWE promos, focusing on how Rhodes presents himself and delivers his lines. Russo pointed out Rhodes' tendency to wear elaborate suits and accessories, which he felt projected an image of wealth and superiority. This, Russo suggested, might not resonate well with viewers, especially those from blue-collar backgrounds.

Furthermore, Russo criticized Rhodes' manner of speaking, stressing that he often came across as pretentious and out of touch with the audience. Russo specifically pointed out moments where Rhodes used complex language, which he feared might distance viewers, especially those from places like Lexington, Kentucky.

There are many things Russo is dissatisfied with when it comes to Rhodes.

During this week's episode of WWE RAW, Roman Reigns cut a promo in which he was particularly emotional and said: "My mother. She is the only one I got left. And I can't hand it to Dusty Rhodes, but I certainly can hand it to Michelle Rubio."

Vince Russo on Cody Rhodes' character

Russo expressed his frustration with Cody's character, suggesting that he seeks therapy due to his tendency to cry during promos. He argued that this behavior doesn't sit well with casual wrestling fans, who generally prefer to see wrestlers projecting strength and confidence rather than showing their emotions. 

Russo didn't like how Cody acted like a babyface in wrestling, thinking that crying over small things makes him less believable. He said wrestling fans prefer to see tough and confident wrestlers, not ones who seem weak or cry easily.

That's a trend that has existed since the first day of wrestling's inception and has persisted to this day. It must be acknowledged that recently, this trend has been slowly changing, with tendencies for individuals to show a certain type of emotion.

The Rock reacts

The Rock is one of those who also decided to react to Cody's emotions during the promo.

The Rock
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He expressed anger through a video on social media regarding Cody's reaction. Dwayne Johnson believes that such things show the 'weaker' side of Rhodes' personality and is surprised by Cody's response. The Rock believes that Cody's behavior is the best confirmation that his fans are the same.

“Are you * kidding me? You start * crying. You start crying. That’s how you respond. No wonder all your fans are crybabies, Cody. ‘I can’t give the belt to Dusty, but I could give it to my mama. I could give it to my mommy. My mommy.”- The Rock said.

Vince Russo