Backlash Over T-Shirt: WWE Star Issues Apology for Controversial T-Shirt

"I will never support any racism, hate, or bullying."- Jensen wrote

by Sead Dedovic
Backlash Over T-Shirt: WWE Star Issues Apology for Controversial T-Shirt
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WWE's Brooks Jensen talked about his t-shirt choice for a championship match on NXT after some people criticized it. He fought Oba Femi for the NXT North American Title last week, and although their match got good feedback, Brooks got some criticism before it even started. 

Before the match, Brooks said he'd be inspired by past champions, like his dad, former WWE star Bull Buchanan

He walked out to the match with a t-shirt in tribute to Ole Anderson, who passed away in February. But some fans didn't like it because of past accusations of racism against Ole Anderson. When fans asked why he chose the t-shirt, Brooks said he didn't know about the accusations before.

Brooks Jensen emphasized via social media that he doesn't support any form of racism, hatred, or abuse. It seems that from the earliest days of his career, Jensen was inspired by Anderson, whom he looked up to. However, this popular wrestler wasn't aware of any scandals related to racism involving Anderson. Nonetheless, he decided to apologize to fans and anyone who felt offended. This is just a lesson for him and an opportunity to make things right in the future.

‘I will never support any racism, hate, or bullying. While I respected Ole for his wrestling it was news to me after wearing the t-shirt that he was associated with these allegation’s.

Ive noticed my “looks” and where I’m from are frequently stigmatized with the underbelly of our society (i.e racists) but this mullet just likes to give love and party.

My apologies to anyone who knew the allegations prior and were offended by the shirt. I’m learning and this was noted. (sic)’- he wrote on X!

There are also those fans who are amazed by his reaction and think that this great wrestler is not at all to blame for his move. On the other hand, those who consider him guilty are happy that he decided to apologize and accept the mistake he made.

Teddy Long on Ole Anderson and Thunderbolt Patterson

Many famous personalities from the world of wrestling have spoken about Ole Anderson and his racist remarks. One of them is WWE Hall of Famer, Teddy Long, who addressed Anderson's racist comments in one of the podcasts.

Teddy Long doesn't have a particularly great opinion of Thunderbolt Patterson, who was considered by many to be the representative of black guys in the world of wrestling. Patterson was a completely different person than many expected. Although in those moments he had enormous popularity and a large fan base, outside the curtains he was a completely different person.

"You talk about Thunderbolt Patterson and you know me, I’m just gonna be straight up and tell you the truth. Well you know, a lot of people thought that Thunderbolt Patterson, by him being the Black guy, he would kind of stand up for the Black wrestlers. Well, that wasn’t true. He didn’t care about us either."- Teddy said.

Teddy Long
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Long recalled a meeting between Patterson, Ole Anderson, and him. Teddy specifically emphasized Anderson and the fact that he used racist remarks at that time, disregarding anyone's reaction. At one point, Anderson was talking to Patterson using the n-word. However, Teddy was shocked by the reaction of the former wrestler, who had no problem with Anderson's statements.

"He was all about himself because one night, one day that we had a meeting, it was me, Thunderbolt Patterson and Ole Anderson and Ole was the grand wizard. He would call you the n-word even if he knew your name. He didn’t give a ----. So the next thing we did, we went and had this meeting so Ole says to Thunderbolt, he says, ‘Hey Thunderbolt, how many ------ you think we need on the card?’ And Thunderbolt looked over at him and looked at me and he told Ole, he said, ‘Well boss, I’m gonna be the only ------ on the card.’ That’s [a] true story."- he said, as quoted by wrestlingheadlines!

Teddy Long's statements are the best confirmation of what has always been said. Anderson was such a wrestler that he didn't particularly care about others and had no problem opposing anyone. From the very first day of his career, he had such an attitude, probably believing he was better than others. Whether he developed that attitude to become the best version of himself in the ring, or if he held such unpopular views, it's hard to say. However, being disrespectful to colleagues and using such words is not what a wrestler should do.

Kevin Nash is one of those who emphasized that Anderson was indeed a difficult person to work with, but he confirmed that he never had a problem collaborating with him.