AJ Styles Impressed With Triple H for Making Wrestlers Feel Valued

With Triple H now taking a more significant role, Styles commended his efforts in ensuring that everyone within WWE feels valued and important

by Sead Dedovic
AJ Styles Impressed With Triple H for Making Wrestlers Feel Valued
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AJ Styles discussed WWE Raw moving to Netflix in January during the Battleground podcast. Styles wants most to understand how big of a brand WWE is and what intentions they have for the future. While most may now have a certain level of fear due to everything that happened when Vince McMahon was around, they can be happy about the changes that have occurred. AJ Styles emphasizes that WWE is not just a US-based company but aims to become global, as they already are to some extent. He believes that most people need to look at the bigger picture and understand the significant goals WWE has.

“I wish more guys who I think would do well in WWE who may have been afraid as far as past things that have happened with Vince being there, I wish that they would understand that WWE is in this for the long run. We’re talking about 10 years on Netflix, possibly 20 years. That’s a long time. We’re not going anywhere. The fact that you could come here and you can have a job as long as you can produce, for as long as you want, and depending on where you’re from you could reach out to other countries. I wish more guys would understand this. We are not just in the United States of America. We’re not just in England. We are global. We’re even bigger now than we’ve ever been. Places that we weren’t able to go, now we’re in. I just wish they could see that and know that this isn’t the same WWE that Vince was in charge of.”-AJ Styles said, as quoted by wrestlingnews.

AJ Styles expressed his belief that Triple H focuses on improving talent within WWE rather than putting an accent on their shortcomings. 

He observed that being released from WWE can have a devastating impact on individuals, and he questioned the rationale behind such decisions. Instead, Styles suggested that sending talent back to NXT for further development would be a more constructive approach.  This popular wrestler believes that WWE and the leaders of this company must have a different approach. Crushing someone's dreams and getting rid of them easily is not the way to treat people.

He empathized with those whose lives could be adversely affected by losing their job in WWE, talking about the importance of treating people with dignity and respect.  

A large number of wrestlers who were part of this company had to leave the company and seek happiness elsewhere. For many, it is the most difficult stage. Most of them get fired suddenly, unprepared for the future and not knowing what they should do. This confuses, and most people need a long period of recovery.

AJ Styles on Triple H: With Triple H in charge, I think he’s doing a great job

With Triple H now taking a more significant role, Styles commended his efforts in ensuring that everyone within WWE feels valued and important.

It seems that WWE's policy changes from year to year. Triple H, who was once a wrestler himself, is aware of the problems this company has faced. He has a significantly different approach compared to Vince McMahon, who was often tough, sharp, and didn't hesitate to do anything that benefited the company. Many of his decisions didn't receive positive reactions, but McMahon never cared much about others' reactions. His imperative was for WWE to progress, and he followed the motto that the end justifies the means.

Triple H
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AJ Styles is not the only wrestler who has words of praise for Triple H. Many of his colleagues have publicly expressed their respect for Triple H, considering the great things he does for the company. Triple H has a slightly softer attitude, unlike McMahon. Paul is a person who does not want to impose authority in such a way, and wants to establish peace and harmony within the company. Watching WWE under his leadership, one must admit that Triple H is doing a great job.

AJ Style reacts to Sting's retirement: They say never meet your heroes. I got to meet one of mine

Sting's retirement is also an inevitable topic in the wrestling world. AJ Styles has always been someone who followed Sting and admired his career. AJ is happy because Sting has always been a positive and kind person to everyone.

Sting© Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment

Meeting someone like that is a dream come true for AJ Styles. This fantastic wrestler is surprised at how long Sting lasted, considering many expected him to retire much earlier. Ending his career in such an impressive way is something Sting deserved.

Triple H