Bryan Danielson's Next Chapter: What Lies Ahead in His Wrestling Journey

“I don’t use the r-word [retired], I already had to do that once."

by Sead Dedovic
Bryan Danielson's Next Chapter: What Lies Ahead in His Wrestling Journey
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Bryan Danielson discussed his plans and intentions for his wrestling career during an appearance on the SXSW panel. The popular wrestler emphasized that he has no intention of retiring again, given his passion and love for wrestling. Danielson intends to remain a part of the wrestling scene for as long as he has the strength to do so. He also commented on statements made by his colleague CM Punk, finding resonance in what CM Punk said. Danielson aims to mentor younger wrestlers, showing his best and inspiring everyone.

“I don’t use the r-word [retired], I already had to do that once, and I don’t wanna do it again. I wanna leave it open to be able to wrestle when I’m 75 if I so choose. When I came to AEW, CM Punk had just debuted several weeks before, and he had talked about wanting to help the younger talent, all that kind of stuff, and I watched his interview, and I was like, ‘That’s what I was gonna say.’”- Danielson said, as quoted by Post Wrestling

CM Punk
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Speaking about his goals in AEW, he is ready to do anything to show the young talents what kind of person he is. Danielson is aware that in the future, his body won't be able to endure the same demands, nor will he be able to compete with young talents. Grounded in reality, Danielson now has entirely different intentions for the future compared to what we're used to seeing.

“So then, when they asked me about it, ‘What’s your goals here in AEW?’ I was like, ‘Ah, I’m gonna come in here and kick everybody’s heads in. I don’t care about pushing younger guys to the top, all that kind of stuff. I’m just gonna stomp them in the face and show them that I’m the best.’ But that’s actually not the reality as somebody who’s 42 years old and who has two kids.”- he continued.

Bryan Danielson on AEW and young talents

Bryan Danielson likes All Elite Wrestling (AEW) because he thinks it's good for pro wrestling. He's been into wrestling since he was a kid and wants to help make it better. Those who have followed his work well know how much Danielson has always given his all and strived to improve. What's also interesting is that his colleagues beside him have progressed and looked great. Danielson has influenced everyone around him, and he continues this practice to this day.

AEW tends to grow day by day, and many wrestlers are changing their opinions about this company. Coming onto the big stage, some didn't expect AEW to achieve big things or break records. However, Tony Khan, along with his people, has shown the true strength and readiness to accomplish what few expect. AEW has a multitude of talents within the company, as well as experienced wrestlers who can be of great help to them. It will be interesting to see what role Danielson will have.

Bryan wants to help younger wrestlers become stars too. Even though some people think he should have been a champion, he doesn't mind because he thinks the current champions are great. Danielson cares more about helping the whole wrestling world than just winning titles for himself.

Danielson does not seem to be primarily focused on his success. For him, it is more important to help others and help the wrestling scene to realize its potential.

Danielson recognizes the accomplishments of wrestlers like Hangman Page and MJF as champions. He points out how their reigns helped younger talents rise to stardom. Instead of choosing the easy route of relying on past stars as champions, Danielson believes in the challenge of nurturing new talent and turning them into TV ratings magnets. 

AEW has demonstrated over the past few years that they truly know how to recognize talents and potentials and develop them. The same is expected from them in the upcoming period. AEW leaders are aware that the number of talents within the company is enormous, which gives them an additional reason for optimism that the company will only progress.

Bryan specifically mentions MJF, who hadn't previously been on national TV, highlighting the difficulty in building someone's star power from scratch. Danielson's main aim is to ensure the continuity of stardom by passing it from one generation to the next, ultimately contributing to the growth and longevity of the wrestling industry.

We will see what AEW executives have in store for him in the future and what role he will play. Regardless, we can only expect the best from Danielson.

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