Mercedes Mone Reveals Post-WWE Struggles: Felt Lost, Broken, and Confused

Mercedes Mone discussed the process of healing and the support she received from her team

by Sead Dedovic
Mercedes Mone Reveals Post-WWE Struggles: Felt Lost, Broken, and Confused
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Mercedes Mone spoke with Renee Paquette about various topics and events from her career as well as happenings in the wrestling scene in general. After leaving WWE, Mone had difficult moments to deal with. When such things happen to you, you primarily feel shock and confusion. Mone did not expect to experience such things. 

She had big dreams, dreamed of a great career in WWE, and then, in an instant, everything changed. Aware of how hard she had worked to become a recognizable face, she could not accept what had happened. 

However, this great wrestler found a new engagement; She joined AEW. Mone realized that she had to open a new chapter in her career, and Tony Khan offered her what she wanted. Mone seems happier than ever before, aware that she has been given a new opportunity that she wants to make the most of.

“I mean, first is just finding a team. Finding people that I can go to for help because I felt so lost, so broken, so hurt and so confused. [Not knowing] where I fit in this world and especially in the world of wrestling that gave me so much hope, gave me so [many] dreams, gave me so much opportunity. I felt very lost and confused and unsure, and it hurt me because of how much work I put into being in wrestling and all my dreams into it just felt like it got taken away from me and just kinda came crumbling down.”- Mercedes Mone said, as quoted by

Mercedes Mone discussed the process of healing and the support she received from her team, emphasizing that they helped her rebuild herself and recognize her worth beyond just being a boss. Moné highlighted her decision to take control of her life, expressing pride in walking away with dignity. She mentioned her new passions and the realization that wrestling, while important, is only part of her identity. Moné described the liberating feeling of embracing new experiences and growth.

Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks)
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This amazing wrestler realized that she needed to explore other aspects of life and understand that life is much more than wrestling. When you achieve great things in your career, and then someone tries to stop you on that path, it's not easy to deal with. However, quality is always recognized, and AEW knew how to recognize hers.

Mercedes Mone AEW debut

Mercedes Moné had the opportunity to debut for AEW a few days ago. It had been a long time since she last performed. During this period, she took the time to analyze aspects of her career and life, carefully considering decisions for the future.

Moné was really happy and thankful to be back on American TV after almost two years away. Even though she was gone, her fans didn't forget about her and kept talking about her every day. Their support meant a lot to her. When she entered the arena for her debut with AEW, the crowd went wild, chanting "CEO" and cheering loudly. It was a moment that gave her goosebumps and made her feel like she belonged. After wrestling for 14 years, joining AEW felt like finding her true home.

Mercedes Moné is accustomed to a great atmosphere and a large number of fans. That's what she missed during this period of absence. When she saw the fans' reaction, she felt like Steve Austin, a WWE legend. Such support from fans can be a huge motivation for her to give her best in the future.

“I felt so cool. I felt like Stone Cold Steve Austin, when fans just lift up all their signs and stand up with their arms raised. I felt so cool. It was the best feeling in the world.”

Tony Khan, boss of AEW, knows the importance of having someone like Mercedes Moné in the company. Having her on board is a big deal for everyone involved. She will help the company grow even more and expand its fan base, and there's no doubt about that.

"I think she's one of the best wrestlers in the world. I always want to get the best wrestlers in AEW, and that describes Mercedes perfectly."- he said.

The AEW boss hopes that Mone will meet the expectations of both fans and executives of this company. In the coming period, AEW certainly has big plans for her, and we can expect a real spectacle. Mone is now ready and focused to turn a new chapter in her career and embark on a new wrestling adventure. We have no doubt that she will impress us as she has countless times before.