Logan Paul Breaks Silence on WWE PRIME Backlash: Here's What He Said

"It’s getting…it’s more positive reviews, but I think the diehard wrestling fans are like — they’re really upset, man."

by Sead Dedovic
Logan Paul Breaks Silence on WWE PRIME Backlash: Here's What He Said
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Logan Paul and KSI's PRIME have entered into a partnership with WWE, becoming the exclusive "Official Hydration Drink Partner" of WWE.

Interestingly, the PRIME logo will be placed on the ring mat as early as WrestleMania 40. Logan Paul highlighted via social media that they worked hard and long on this to achieve such significant partnerships. Paul emphasized that they are ready to collaborate with one of the biggest companies in sports entertainment. He thanked everyone on both sides who were willing to cooperate and bring PRIME into the ring! Triple H, WWE Chief, is thrilled with what Logan has accomplished in a short period. They are excited about this collaboration.

This is certainly a significant moment for Logan Paul, who could hardly have imagined such success a few years ago. WWE fans, especially the older ones, have criticized this partnership, believing that it ruins WWE's reputation and goes against what WWE has stood for over the years. The Paul brothers are not particularly popular in the U.S., despite having a large fan base. Logan Paul seized the opportunity to address this partnership during his podcast.

He emphasized that this is probably one of the biggest moments in his life. As a kid, he had the chance to watch WWE, but he could hardly have envisioned reaching this level. Logan Paul is aware of the numerous criticisms, especially from die-hard WWE fans. However, he believes that times are changing, and every company, including WWE, must be open to and ready for changes.

“One of the coolest moments of our life, you know. Major achievement, major milestone for our brand and the company. Getting that center ring spot is interesting. It’s getting…it’s more positive reviews, but I think the diehard wrestling fans are like — they’re really upset, man."- Paul said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Logan Paul emphasized once again that WWE, like any other company, is subject to changes. He particularly highlighted TKO Group Holdings and the opportunity that presented itself to him. Paul didn't think much about it and decided to establish a partnership with WWE. 

He knew it was a chance he had to seize. Aware that he has many haters, Paul didn't hesitate to make such a decision, ready to provoke even more anger and hatred towards himself. With these statements, Paul shows that he enjoys playing the role of a heel.

Logan is someone who tries not to dwell on criticism. He has his direction and is ready to achieve even greater things in the future.

"It’s never been done, and Vince [McMahon] was always really protective of the mat and not putting any brands on it. But in this new era, which it is, no matter how you cut it, TKO is a publicly traded company, they got to meet a bottom line. That spot was going to be sold. We saw an opportunity, and potentially an opportunity to make people hate me even more, because I am a heel. And that’s kind of the angle I took. I was like, ‘* y’all. I’m going to stamp everything about this with me so you’re reminded of just what my aim is: to take over in this company.’”- he continued.

Logan Paul has sent a message to die-hard WWE fans that they must accept certain changes and that over time, they will get used to what is happening. Paul hopes that his partnership will last, ready to pursue similar collaborations in the future and progress as a person.

“If we don’t have this spot forever, which who knows what will happen, it’ll be someone else. And I promise you, if you’re a diehard WWE fan, you’ll forget about it. It’ll start to just be standard practice and I don’t think it’s going to be as distracting as y’all think.”


Prime involves a mix of sports and energy drinks created by Prime Hydration, LLC. Logan Paul and KSI worked together on the project, found common ground, and created a brand that has achieved immense success. The fact that both have a large number of followers on social media is one of the reasons why they successfully generated a lot of buzz and achieved huge success with Prime. 

Logan Paul and KSI
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Prime was introduced in January 2022, and since then, it has only been experiencing growth. Logan Paul and KSI are happy to have succeeded in such a collaboration, and it seems that Prime could break many records. This drink has sparked considerable debates and discussions. 

Logan Paul has emphasized many times that he is satisfied with his product, which is consistently growing. This YouTuber and wrestler believes that Prime will continue to advance, expecting even greater progress in the future.

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