Eric Bischoff and Matt Hardy react to Sting's retirement match

“I loved every bit of it. More than anything, I’m happy for Sting."- Hardy said.

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff and Matt Hardy react to Sting's retirement match
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Eric Bischoff, in his Strictly Business podcast, discussed the hot topic that has garnered the most attention, Sting's retirement match. His retirement match at AEW Revolution has attracted huge attention and, at the same time, impressed wrestling fans. 

Those who doubted whether Sting could create a spectacle are now convinced once again that he is a wrestler who truly deserves nothing but praise. Bischoff talked about the debates before this fantastic match, where many wondered who would be Sting's opponent. Eric had no doubt that Sting would create a spectacle.

"Well you know, it’s kind of like I said John, before the event. Weeks or months before the event, when it was announced that it was going to take place, and we had discussions about who his opponent should be and what kind of match it should be, and all the variables that could possibly go into it. And I made it pretty clear that from my perspective, as long as Steve Borden, the man who plays the character, is happy and leaves that venue with a big smile on his face and feels satisfied that he ended his career the way he wanted to? I’m happy as hell for him, you know."- Bischoff said, as quoted by

Eric Bischoff thought it was cool that Sting involved his sons, making it a personal and family affair. While Bischoff usually doesn't like intense matches, he made an exception for Sting's retirement match. 

Bischoff, known for his often critical stance, had only words of praise for Sting this time. He believes Sting made many smart moves, thinking about how to capture attention and create a match that will be remembered in the history of wrestling. 

However, Bischoff didn't like the part where Darby Allin got involved. He found it unnecessary and thought it didn't add anything positive to the match. He questioned why Darby took such risks, believing it only served his personal goals. Many believe that all the focus here should have been on Sting and the fact that it was his last match. Bischoff is not the only one who emphasized that such matches require a main protagonist, and in this case, it is Sting.

Although Bischoff had words of praise for this match, there were also those who believed that the match did not meet expectations for some reasons. The wrestling scene is such that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Still, Bischoff saw many positive aspects.

Despite these criticisms, Bischoff admitted that the match ended well, and the audience seemed happy. He stressed that when organizing events, what matters most is that the fans enjoy it, even if individual opinions may differ. Eric considered Sting's retirement match a success because the crowd left satisfied.

Matt Hardy reacts to Sting's farewall match: More than anything, I’m happy for Sting

Another great wrestler, Matt Hardy, in his "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, reflected on Sting's farewell match. Hardy emphasized that he enjoyed this match, which was truly a higlight in Sting's career. Hardy is happy for Sting and believes that he is a wrestler who deserved to have such an opportunity and say goodbye in a great way. The organization of the match was excellent, and it seems that attention was paid to every detail.

Matt Hardy
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Sting is a wrestler who has earned respect from fans and wrestling company executives for years. He deserved this opportunity and this farewell.

“I loved every bit of it. More than anything, I’m happy for Sting. I’m happy that Sting got the chance to tell a story in the correct fashion. He was treated with respect, he was treated with honor, and he was able to go out on his own note, which was fantastic.”-Matt Hardy said, as quoted by

He felt emotional about the match, praising the storytelling and how Sting and Darby Allin performed. Hardy applauded everyone involved in making the match successful and gave credit to Tony Khan, the president of AEW, for bringing Sting to AEW and ensuring he had a proper farewell.

Several wrestlers have highlighted that what Tony Khan prepared for wrestling fans is truly fantastic. Sting's farewell is a moment that will be talked about for years, for many reasons. Looking at his long career and all those moments where he had the opportunity to amaze us, there's a sense of sadness and nostalgia. 

However, the career of every wrestler, including Sting, had to come to an end at some point. New generations are emerging, new talents are appearing, and wrestling companies are evolving. Legends like Sting won't forgotten.

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