Kevin Nash's Decision: Why He Didn't Physically Participate in Sting's AEW Match

"For some reason, people think that Paul [Triple H] told me I couldn’t go and my thing was I’m a WWE guy."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Nash's Decision: Why He Didn't Physically Participate in Sting's AEW Match
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Kevin Nash and Sting are known as great friends with a shared history. Building their careers, the two have become close and developed a deep mutual respect for each other. Sting's recent match at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view sparked much debate and discussion. 

One of the questions before the match was whether Nash would attend, given that he is part of another company. Kevin Nash revealed interesting details about the lead-up to this match during the "Kliq This" podcast. He received a call from Sting and was surprised by what Sting told him.

“For some reason, people think that Paul [Triple H] told me I couldn’t go and my thing was I’m a WWE guy. When this thing first came out, it came to fruition, I got contacted by Steve, Sting. He was telling me what he wanted to do and then in that same breath, he said, ‘What can you do physicality-wise? So if anybody wants to know why Kevin Nash was at home, that’s why. He asked me what I can do physicality-wise.”- Kevin Nash said, as quoted by

Nash's co-host, Sean Oliver, asked if he was going to be involved in Sting's match. Nash explained that he interpreted it that way. He highlighted the complexities involved, especially once he arrived at the event. Nash would have to inform everyone else, including Steamboat and others participating, that he wouldn't be involved. 

Additionally, he expressed concerns about the risky nature of the match, with people going through glass. Nash cited information from a friend indicating that even if the glass was designed for safety, it still posed a risk, potentially causing injuries to the crowd. 

He stressed the potential legal repercussions, stating that if someone got injured, they wouldn't just sue AEW but also all the independent contractors involved in the match.

Kevin Nash is known as a caring person who loves and respects his colleagues. The fact that he could witness a friend getting hurt during a match is the reason why he avoids such matches. As an example, he mentioned Ric Flair's retirement match. Initially, he had no intention of attending Flair's match, considering the potential consequences Flair could face. It seems that Nash doesn't particularly have a positive opinion about retirement matches.

I was at Ric Flair’s retirement match, but I didn’t go to the match because I was worried for Ric’s health and I said, man, the last thing I want to do is see something happen to one of my friends. That was the same thing with this. The last thing I want to do is be in person and watch one of my friends get hurt, so it’s just like I’ll just stay at home, and on top of all that, I didn’t have a retirement match. I just * stopped doing it.”

Nash explained that he chose not to attend Sting's retirement match because he didn't want to be in a crowded arena with wrestling fans. 

Kevin Nash didn't want to perform at Sting's match

Kevin Nash is not someone who particularly enjoys crowds, and he was certainly aware of the attention he would attract with his presence. There is no doubt that cameras would frequently focus on Nash and his attendance. This is just one of the reasons why this amazing wrestler decided to stay home instead.

He emphasized that, since nobody was coming to see him at Sting's retirement match, he didn't see a need to be there. His decision was based on his personal preference and the understanding that his presence wouldn't significantly impact the event.

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Given that he's accustomed to attracting attention over the years, Nash didn't want to be someone the focus would shift to. He wanted his friend to receive the necessary attention and deliver a great match. This ultimately happened. Sting impressed everyone with his performance and only confirmed what has been known for years; Sting is a phenomenal wrestler who will remain written in the history of the wrestling scene.

Nash clarified that his decision wasn't influenced by Triple H or any allegiance to WWE. Instead, he focuses on the practical aspects of his involvement. Nash highlighted that if he were in the ring with the Young Bucks, two highly athletic wrestlers, he would feel compelled to perform physically demanding moves like powerbombing them. 

He wondered if it would make sense for him to be part of it because it might take away attention from the main event and cause problems in the storyline. To prevent these issues, Nash chose to stay home, thinking it was the best decision for both himself and the success of the event.

In the final part of the interview, Nash emphasized that he has no intention of returning to the big stage, considering the injuries that marked his career and the fact that his body can no longer endure the demands as it once could. While fans would love to see Nash again, the reality is quite different.

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