Former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell Exposes Vince McMahon's Alleged Misconduct

“He’d pull them in a room and close the door. Of course, he did that with everybody."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell Exposes Vince McMahon's Alleged Misconduct
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The Vince McMahon trafficking allegations are the main topic in the wrestling scene. A lot of reactions followed these accusations, with many expressing support for McMahon, but many believe that Vince is guilty in the whole story. The SmackTalk podcast was an opportunity for former WWE manager Dutch Mantell to shock many with his statements. This former manager emphasized that such things were an everyday occurrence and widely known within the company. Some of the girls even talked with Mantell about it.

“The only sad thing about it is that everybody knew it. Everybody. It was common knowledge when I was in WWE what was going on. The girls told me what was going on. It started, of course, with Rita Chatterton, was her name, and that was before it was so well known.”- he said, as quoted by

Dutch Mantell confirmed that Vince McMahon had a practice of bringing someone into his office and locking the door. Many perceived this as a form of preparation, but now questions arise about what happened in those moments. The fact that the girls would leave the office with tears in their eyes, confused, and with brief answers is, for Mantell, potentially indicative that certain things might have happened in the office. McMahon, from the very beginning, was known as a strong leader with rigid principles, and he didn't allow anyone to stand in his way. This is one of the reasons why he earned great respect within the company, and many wrestlers were afraid of him.

McMahon never intended to change his principles. He knew that only through an authoritative system could he establish dominance within the company and become someone whom many would endlessly respect.

“He’d pull them in a room and close the door. Of course, he did that with everybody, the guys too (…) He would get them [women] in there and I guess the term is groom them, I guess. He would get them ready for what might be possibly coming their way, and they would leave the room with tears in their eyes. Some of them, not all of them. He would upset them that badly. Of course, they were told to keep it quiet. I’d even ask about it. I said, ‘Are you okay?’ They went, ‘Yeah, I’m okay,’ and they’d have tears in their eyes. ‘What happened?’ ‘I don’t wanna talk about it.’ We’ll leave it like that, but I think whatever he did upset them to such a degree that they would come out of the room with tears in their eyes. You can use your imagination on that, I don’t know what happened, but some of those girls cooperated, I guess.”- Dutch continued.

This former manager is not the only person who has reacted. Many wrestlers have chosen to respond and express their surprise. One of them is Matt Riddle.

Matt Riddle discussed about accusations against Vince McMahon. Riddle thinks some of the things he heard are troubling if they turn out to be true. He read messages that also seemed a bit disturbing. Riddle finds it hard to deal with this topic because it's tricky and complicated. 

Most people believe that it's difficult to draw a definite conclusion here, considering all the circumstances. Since the creation of the company, there haven't been such rumors, but after the accusations against McMahon, there are now doubts about what has been happening within the company all these years. Was McMahon really that rigid?

Matt Riddle
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Matt noticed a pattern where McMahon often gets into such situations, usually related to a lot of money. Riddle ends by saying he doesn't really know what's going on, showing that the accusations against Vince McMahon are confusing and not easy to figure out.

The court will be the one to make the final decision and have the last word. Then we will know who is truly guilty in this case.

Matt Riddle on Vince McMahon

Riddle admitted that he hadn't heard anything about Vince McMahon all those years, but he noticed a few individuals who indeed had bizarre statements and demands from female wrestlers.

“I’ve never heard anything about Vince. I’ve seen certain people, I’m not going to mention names, I’ve seen certain people make passes at certain female talent by saying, ‘Come to my locker room’ or that creepy kind of thing."- he said.

Matt Riddle talked about a situation where a woman in the wrestling industry faced an inappropriate proposal. Riddle praises her for being strong and not going along with it, calling her a "stallion" to show he admires her strength and sticking to her principles. He's glad the situation didn't get worse.

Riddle stressed how some people in similar situations might feel pressured, especially if they're worried about losing their jobs or aren't as popular as others. He understands how tough it can be and admits that, in different circumstances, he might have also felt tempted to compromise his values for the sake of keeping a job.

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