Wrestling Nostalgia: Jeff Jarrett Discusses CM Punk's Entry into TNA Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett has only words of praise for CM Punk and his talent

by Sead Dedovic
Wrestling Nostalgia: Jeff Jarrett Discusses CM Punk's Entry into TNA Wrestling
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Jeff Jarrett, Director of Business Development of AEW, used the moment during his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast to talk about interesting topics. Jarrett recalled an interesting story when he brought CM Punk to TNA.

Jarrett primarily spoke about the challenges that many faced during that period. A lot of wrestlers have come and gone, and some had short stints in TNA. To become a top wrestler, it is important to sometimes face negative experiences, which will certainly shape and strengthen you. Looking at the careers of top wrestlers, it seems that each of them had a lot of negative experiences in the first stages of their careers. However, only the best persevere and become the stars they dreamed of being.

“I’d love to have this fantastic, crazy story that I spotted him and scouted him, and me and Sting — we didn’t talk about it yesterday. But you know, the reality is my dad was running into territory. Talent came in, talent went out, talent came in, talent came out. You know, Sting and Hellwig, their very first territory, they didn’t last but about four or five months if that. And he had to let him go. But it was the next step and Sting, as we discussed, went down, hooked up with Watts and Eddie Gilbert, and the rest is history. But it’s all part of the growing pains, if you will.”- Jarrett said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Jarrett was happy with the amount of talent that existed during that period. He pointed out several of them that particularly impressed him. In that period, many companies appeared that developed young talents and did new things on the wrestling scene. Jeff was especially impressed with CM Punk, whom he immediately thought had the qualities to become a top wrestler. The charisma that he still has today was one of the reasons why Jarrett guessed that CM Punk would build a great career. In addition, many qualities of CM Punk were an indication that he will be one of the individuals that fans will remember.

“Punk though — again, during a time when we had, oh boy. Not to be redundant here but you know, one day a week ROH was going, independents were beginning to go. We had a few independents in the UK. But it was a different vibe, a different scenario. But Julio Dinero — putting those two guys together. I loved Julio, he was a bump-taking fool. And Punk, his very nature in conversations — and Conrad, you know that. You’ve been in sales your entire adult life. When you meet someone they, for lack of a better word, curb appeal, natural charisma, just kind of the opening ‘Hello, how are you doing’ body language? "- he continued.

Jeff Jarrett on CM Punk's career and early days

Jeff Jarrett talked about CM Punk's early days in wrestling. He explains that people give off different vibes, and Punk was engaging and easy to talk to. Jarrett believes Punk had a natural talent for connecting with others. CM Punk knew how to connect with his colleagues, he knew how to create a connection with fans, and he knew how to get a reaction from the audience. These are all the things you need to know to become a top wrestler.

CM Punk
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Discussing Punk's early work in Ring of Honor (ROH), Jarrett points out Punk's ability to speak well and captivate an audience. He thinks this skill was always in Punk, like a seed that needed nurturing.

Of course, CM Punk developed these qualities over the years and became better every day. Experience is what shapes you and makes you even better. CM Punk had the opportunity to learn from great wrestlers day in and day out. He observed their performances, listened to their advice, and applied the same things.

Jarrett emphasizes the importance of experience and practice in wrestling, using the term "reps" to mean opportunities to perform in the ring. He stressed that Punk's early years, including his time with TNA, were crucial for his growth as a wrestler. Jarrett sees himself and TNA as part of Punk's early learning experiences, helping him become successful in wrestling.

Although CM Punk is one of the most controversial figures in the world of wrestling, no one can deny that he achieved great things and successes in his career. His return to WWE caused an avalanche of reactions. There was immediate excitement and high expectations, considering that CM Punk is a wrestler that many want to watch. Fans are hoping that WWE has big plans for CM Punk.

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