Maxxine Dupri reacts to criticism from WWE fans

Maxxine Dupri is thankful for every opportunity in her wrestling career, even when faced with challenges

by Sead Dedovic
Maxxine Dupri reacts to criticism from WWE fans
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Maxxine Dupri is an interesting personality causing a huge attention on the wrestling scene. Recent incidents during live performances where fans were seen booing her have sparked various reactions. In a conversation for the Lightweights podcast, Dupri reflected on this. Being booed by fans is not what you want when starting your career. Everyone needs support, and it motivates you to take the right path. Dupri has received a lot of support from her colleagues who believe that fans have gone too far in their reactions.

From the beginning of the conversation, Dupri highlighted that she has mixed feelings about whether she is under scrutiny more than others. Considering she is not particularly experienced and hasn't had much experience with live events, Dupri somewhat understands the fans' reactions.

On the other hand, she is aware that the company possesses many talented and amazing female wrestlers eager to showcase their quality. In such an environment, fans may express dissatisfaction if they notice that you are not performing your job at the highest level. Nevertheless, Dupri enjoys feeling a little pressure, as it gives her the strength to show the best of herself.

“I think yes and no. I think at times, people have really given me a lot of grace because I’m learning on live TV, and thankfully, with my character, that’s been said, so people are aware that these are my first reps. My first time performing in front of a crowd have been on Monday Night Raw. So I think on that level, people have given me a lot of grace. I think on the other hand, and maybe this is in my head, this is just how l feel, I feel like we have so many talented women. Not only on SmackDown, Raw, but NXT, developmental, people wrestling on the independent scene. So I think there’s also this level of, ‘Okay, so this girl’s getting a shot who maybe is or is not quite as ready as people feel I should be.’ So I think that adds a level of scrutiny. But I think for me, it’s an added level of pressure, but it’s also, I want to make those people proud that aren’t getting an opportunity."- she said, as quoted by

Maxxine Dupri is thankful for every opportunity in her wrestling career, even when faced with challenges. She talks about being new to the industry and how it can be scary and tough when people criticize her.  However, before the start of your career, company executives and more experienced individuals advise you that your career will be filled with criticism and booing. This is one of the reasons why you must remain mentally strong, despite everything.

Despite working hard and trying her best, she stressed that she's not perfect, and there will be times when she makes mistakes that people won't like. Dupri watches her performances back and tries to learn from them. This great wrestler understands that being new brings extra attention and expectations, and she aims to be even better than anyone could imagine.

All these events can be just an additional motivation for her to prove to the fans how talented she is. That will be her imperative in the upcoming period.

Maxxine Dupri trains hard to achieve her goal: I train with Chad Gable as much as I can

Maxxine Dupri is talking about how she spends a lot of time practicing in the wrestling ring. She mentions training with Chad Gable, even though he lives far away. She appreciates that he takes the time to help her before TV appearances on Mondays, considering it a positive change for her. Having a good mentor and someone to help you is an important thing. Without such assistance, it's hard to expect progress, both as a wrestler and as a person.

Dupri also talks about going to the Performance Center during the week to train with other female wrestlers who are still developing their skills. She mentions specific names like Indi, Candice, Nia, and Chelsea, expressing her enthusiasm to learn from them. Dupri openly admits that she always feels like she needs help and is eager for someone experienced to guide her and assist her in becoming a better wrestler.

Those who are familiar with the wrestling scene and have experience believe that Dupri has everything needed to become a big star. Crucial for her is not to focus on comments, social media, and to train hard. These are the foundations if she wants to progress and become the star she aspires to be. Looking at her statements, there are excellent chances that Dupri will succeed in her intentions.