John Cena's Take on LA Knight's Qualities and Shift in Opinion on Logan Paul

Cena talked about Logan Paul joining WWE, mentioning how his mindset has changed

by Sead Dedovic
John Cena's Take on LA Knight's Qualities and Shift in Opinion on Logan Paul
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"Insight With Chris Van Vliet" was an opportunity for John Cena to discuss current topics in the wrestling world. One of the topics was LA Knight. He is a wrestler who has always attracted huge attention, especially in recent times. 

Cena is well acquainted with Knight and his desire to be the best. John had only words of praise for him, emphasizing that hard work is the reason he has reached the stars. The fact that he has made such progress and built the confidence he needed is what particularly impresses Cena.

“What I want to say is he’s gifted. That’s not the right thing to say. What I should say is, man — he has worked to get his talent. Because he is the embodiment of perseverance, and hard work, and believing in himself. He has earned every inch and it was really, really fun to be in there with him.”- Cena said, as quoted by

“I got to see him mature just in the short time I was there. To see the way he worked [when Cena was his referee], to the philosophy in the tag match, and then to watch his matches after that, I could see him gain confidence even in that short period of time. That’s what gets me to the edge of my seat.”

John Cena on Logan Paul and his future in WWE

Logan Paul is also a controversial topic in the wrestling scene, as opinions about this talented wrestler are divided among many. While some believe that Paul is a great addition to WWE, many others think that he doesn't belong in this company.

Cena talked about Logan Paul joining WWE, mentioning how his mindset has changed. Cena admitted that in the past, he might have disliked the idea, thinking someone was taking something from them. He stressed this thinking as outdated, originating from an old carnival business mentality.  

Logan Paul
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Wrestling, like any other sport, changes and evolves from year to year. To achieve growth, it is necessary to introduce changes. WWE executives are well aware of the business, and they were aware that Paul's arrival could trigger a lot of reactions, whether they be negative or positive.

Cena highlighted the shift in the '80s, when they began welcoming outside influences to enhance the wrestling world. He commended Logan Paul for willingly embracing the wrestling culture, being respectful, and taking more risks in the ring than Cena himself. Cena appreciated Paul's use of his talents within the WWE universe.

Even those who had doubts about him, now no longer do. Paul has taken his role seriously and wanted to show fans of the sport that he excels in the role of a wrestler.

Speculations have already begun about Cena and his potential appearance at WWE WrestleMania 40. It seems that there are many factors that will influence whether Cena will be part of this show. During one of the discussions, Cena did not officially confirm his participation, but it must be acknowledged that his reaction was interesting.

“People are talking, WrestleMania 40. They’re speculating that The Rock and I will be in the ring in Philadelphia for WrestleMania 40. They’re gonna keep talking until it happens. We don’t know yet. That was not satisfactory [when the cržowd groaned]. We just took the wind out of your sails. Do you want me to make a promise I can’t keep? Do you want me to write a check I can’t cash? Am I in the business of writing checks that my ass can’t cash? Is that what we’re doing here? Is that the type of outfit you’re running?”

When does John Cena plan to end his career?

There are often rumors about Cena and the date when this great wrestler could end his career. John has achieved a lot in his career, but it seems he has no intention of stopping. His hunger for victory has never waned. From the first day he joined the company, he has been dedicated and ready to achieve success. His mindset is truly something special!

Cena was asked which of his 16 championship wins is his favorite, and he responded by saying he hopes the next one will be his favorite. He mentioned that he has considered retiring, but it won't happen right away. Cena hinted that there might be more championships in his future.

The future will best reveal the intentions of the 46-year-old wrestler. At this moment, we cannot say what will happen, but we can only hope to see John Cena on the big stage for many more years ahead.

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