Sting's Post-Retirement Plans: Discussions with Tony Khan and His Ideas

“Well, Tony has mentioned me staying on board in some form or fashion."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sting's Post-Retirement Plans: Discussions with Tony Khan and His Ideas
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Sting said goodbye to his biggest passion: Wrestling! His final match was against The Young Bucks, and he, along with Darby Allin, succeeded in winning to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

This match had been announced for a long time, considering that it marked the end of a brilliant career characterized by success. Sting began his career back in 1985 when many of today's wrestlers weren't even born. Right from the start, many hinted that Sting would make a great career and become a big star. However, every career must come to an end, including Sting's. His last match will certainly be talked about in the future. Sting is an example of a wrestler who had a great passion for wrestling, a great level of motivation, and tremendous skills.

Already, there is a question about what Sting will do after the end of his wrestling career and whether he intends to build his career in another direction. Sting spoke about his plans in a post-Revolution media scrum.

Tony Khan
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Tony Khan has a desire for this experienced wrestler to remain a part of AEW in a different role. Khan is aware of the importance Sting has for the company and the even greater impact he could have in the future. However, Sting isn't sure if he wants to be part of AEW in another role. He has hinted at having discussions with Tony Khan, but it's not confirmed yet.

“Well, Tony has mentioned me staying on board in some form or fashion. We haven’t really worked anything out there yet, but I’m sure we’ll have some kind of conversation. And I’m saying —-you know, maybe. We’ll see what happens. I have no interest in being a manager or anything like that. Or an agent, I don’t want to do any of that kind of stuff. I’m not sure what I can offer… I”m willing to have a talk.”- Sting said, as quoted by

Sting highlighted how important the match at AEW Revolution was for him, considering it as one of the top three matches in his long wrestling career. He praised The Young Bucks, Darby Allin, and Tony Khan for their roles in making the match memorable and expressed his satisfaction with the way it happened. This match served as a great and positive conclusion to his time with AEW.

Fans of AEW expressed their satisfaction with Sting's recent match on social media, impressed by what Sting, his colleague, and their opponents showed. We don't need to elaborate much on his qualities and the impact he left on the wrestling scene. Those who have followed wrestling for years are well aware of Sting's importance and how outstanding he has been year after year.

Sting: Behind the scenes, Matt and Nick are a couple of great guys

Sting has repeatedly emphasized how impressed he is with his opponents, The Young Bucks. In addition to being excellent wrestlers in the ring, Sting has mentioned that Matt and Nick are also great individuals outside the ring. He believes that the two of them possess exceptional qualities that are immediately noticeable. Despite being in the industry for many years, Sting has yet to notice any shortcomings in them. Such words can certainly serve as great motivation for their careers and a confirmation that they are truly wrestlers who will be talked about for years to come.

“First of all, I respect them for who they are. Behind the scenes, Matt and Nick are a couple of great guys, and they’re great wrestlers.

I’ve watched how they conduct themselves, and I don’t care what anybody says or rumors that might be out there, they are as top notch as can possibly be. I don’t see any flaws in these guys in the ring. Their ability to make everybody better, and not just themselves, is not something many do. They consider AEW as a whole and what’s best for their opponents. I have so much respect for these guys.”- Sting said, as quoted by Sports Illustrated.

Sting further confirmed in the conversation that he decided to have a match with The Young Bucks. Considering that he had previously noticed how talented Matt and Nick are, he knew they deserved such an opportunity. Sting had no intention of stepping into the ring with anyone else but them. According to many, it turned out to be a fantastic decision, as Sting and Allen, along with The Young Bucks, delivered a true spectacle.

AEW as a company shows progress day by day. Tony Khan is doing a great job. However, the best is yet to come, and we can expect it in the coming weeks and months.

Tony Khan