Kevin Nash: There’s the Sting now and there’s a Sting before Sting found Christ

Kevin Nash reflects how Sting's life changed when he discovered religion

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Nash: There’s the Sting now and there’s a Sting before Sting found Christ
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"Kliq This" was an opportunity for Kevin Nash to talk about Sting, whose farewell match we had the chance to witness at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view. Sting and Kevin Nash are great friends, and Nash reflected on their past relationship and the changes Sting has undergone throughout his career. 

There were many interesting moments they went through, with fantastic memories behind them. Nash emphasized right at the beginning of the podcast the variation in Sting's character. He was a great person, but he also loved the nightlife and partying.

“Steve always would throw a rollaway bed in his room and let me sleep on it for free. He was good to me. Him and Lex sometimes would pick up lunches when we were on the road because they were making cash and I wasn’t. The guys that are the partiers hang out together and the guys that go to the gym hang out together. They were the gym guys.”- he said, as quoted by

Kevin Nash shared some nostalgic moments from his career, reminiscing about his entry into the big stage. In the early days, he trained at Lex's and Steve's gym, where Sting was already a recognizable figure and a shining star. Sting's unique charisma caught everyone's attention, and Nash was particularly struck by his impressive abilities and humble personality. Their lasting respect is what makes Sting and Nash such good friends.

“On top of that, when I broke into the business, I trained at Lex and Steve’s gym, Main Event Fitness in Atlanta and my wife did also. He was our star when I was there the first time. Flair was his foil, but Steve was by far the number one guy. You would have never known it. He’s always been very humble and he’s always been very kind.”

Kevin Nash talked about how Sting's life changed when he discovered religion. Before that, Sting went through a difficult time in the late 1990s, dealing with some bad habits. Nash mentioned that there are two sides to Sting; the one now and the one before he found Christ. The earlier Sting, according to Nash, was not reckless but enjoyed a more spirited lifestyle. Despite this, Sting was always smart about his choices.

Kevin Nash
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Sting was a person aware of what actions could be punishable and how he needed to behave. He tried to build his career with such an attitude and mindset, and he succeeded. According to many, Sting is one of the smarter individuals in the wrestling scene, and he has demonstrated that over the years.

Kevin Nash, unfortunately, could not attend such a match since he is part of WWE. Although Nash is a great friend of Sting and they share a common history, he had no other option. This has sparked many reactions, but most are aware of the main issue in the whole story, and many did not hold it against Nash. The most important thing is that Sting had a match that will be talked about for years to come.

"(Sting) asked me to be a part of it, and I just said that because of my positioning with the company, with WWE, I couldn’t even be there if I went in the crowd."

Swerve Strickland praises Sting

Kevin Nash is not the only wrestler who has expressed respect for Sting and his work. Many wrestling stars, whether through social media or interviews, have highlighted the importance Sting has had on the wrestling world and their careers. For many, Sting has been an inspiration, and most of today's stars have looked up to him. Sting set a great example for everyone, which is one of the reasons why many, including Swerve Strickland, hold immense respect for him. 

Strickland believes AEW was the perfect stage for Sting to end his career. He gives credit to Sting and Darby Allin for influencing his own wrestling journey, citing a great match at All In where he was put in a coffin as a turning point. 

Despite initial reluctance, Strickland recognizes the historic impact of the moment and appreciates Sting's openness to work with younger talents in AEW. He expresses gratitude for the experience of sharing the ring with Sting, emphasizing the legend's positive influence on the newer generation of wrestlers in the industry.

Sting has never hesitated to assist wrestlers who are just starting to make their mark on the big stage. He has sought to help those beginning their careers, as well as those who have been in the wrestling world for many years. His advice has been crucial for many to build their careers in the right direction.

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