Top Dolla Expresses Shock Over Accusations Against Vince McMahon

“Did it surprise me? It surprised me how blatant everything was."

by Sead Dedovic
Top Dolla Expresses Shock Over Accusations Against Vince McMahon
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Former WWE star AJ Francis, also known as Top Dolla, discussed the trafficking claims made against Vince McMahon. Top Dolla is just as surprised as everyone else after these accusations. No one could have anticipated or expected this to happen.

Dolla emphasized that Vince McMahon is at a stage in life where he should be resting and focusing on other things. The former WWE wrestler believes that the problem arose the moment McMahon decided to return to WWE. After these allegations, there have been numerous reactions from former and current WWE stars who are surprised by this situation.

“Did it surprise me? It surprised me how blatant everything was, but obviously, the allegations are very surprising. But, at the end of the day, Vince is at a point in his life where it’s better for him to have a chance to get his … he’s at a point in his life where he’s in his 70s, you know what I’m saying? It is time for him to enjoy his life, the rest of his life, and coming back into wrestling caused all of this, these problems.

And at the end of the day, if everything that I read is true, that’s wild, right? Very wild. And I know that other people have said the same thing, like Seth Rollins, but, to me, was I surprised? Absolutely”. - Top Dolla said, talking with!

Top Dolla is trying to clear up misunderstandings about his connection with Vince McMahon. He points out that people believe there's a strong relationship between them, but in reality, they have only spoken three times. Two of these instances happened during the filming of "Most Wanted Treasures," suggesting a professional setting.

The third time they talked was when Top Dolla stood up for B-Fab after she got fired. He believes he did the right thing by supporting her. Top Dolla really wants to highlight that his conversations with Vince are mostly about work, and they don't have a personal friendship outside of that.

Top Dolla about Vince McMahon and his emotions towards him

Even though Top Dolla got paid for his job, he wants to make it clear that he doesn't have any bad feelings toward Vince. They only have a professional relationship, like when people do business together, and there's no personal connection or dislike involved.

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Vince McMahon is known as a person who didn't have frequent contact with all wrestlers, which is certainly impossible. McMahon had several favorites to whom he may have dedicated more attention and saw potential in them.

Older WWE fans are surely familiar with the wrestlers involved. WWE is a company that has been doing great things for years. Some believe that this incident might spoil their reputation and create bigger problems, but some hope that the ultimate truth will be revealed.

They expect WWE to condemn McMahon if he is found guilty.

Top Dolla about the current situation in WWE after the Vince McMahon case

Top Dolla is sharing his thoughts about WWE right now, saying how successful and popular it is.

But he thinks stories that involve controversies or negative stuff take away focus from the good things WWE is doing. These stories might be bad for WWE's success and might be a reason why someone important is stepping down.

WWE has always been a place that didn't want to give too much space for the media to understand what's happening on the inside. However, this company has been growing year after year, with tendencies to continue growing. He also talks about people like Laurinaitis who are trying to distance themselves from the situation, and he doesn't think that looks good.

Top Dolla expects there's more to come out about this story. He hopes that if the bad things are true, the people who suffered get justice. He thinks we should talk more about the victims and that we'll hear more about the situation as time goes on.

At this moment, we don't have many details related to this case, but in the future, much more could be revealed. For now, it's hard to predict what will happen with McMahon and this case. The court will determine. This case, as we've already emphasized, has shocked many wrestling fans.

McMahon is a man known for his authoritarian regime and attitude. He established a certain system that, to some extent, relied on fear. Sometimes this resulted in positive outcomes, and at other times, negative ones. However, no one expected it to come to this.

Although people tend to make quick judgments from the very beginning, time will best reveal what the truth is in this case.

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