Booker T on Sting's retirement match and Tiffany Stratton's performance

Sting's last match is currently the most discussed topic in the world of wrestling

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T on Sting's retirement match and Tiffany Stratton's performance
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Booker T talked about various topics on his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, but he specifically highlighted his health after a medical procedure. Booker T emphasized that he is about 98% good to go. He is happy with how the procedure went and his healing process. The most important thing for him is that he doesn't feel any pain, and he is looking forward to his return. Booker T is not someone who enjoys staying at home and resting. This ex-wrestler is an active person who loves to stay on the move.

Sting's last match is currently the most discussed topic in the world of wrestling. Many are wondering how the final match of this brilliant wrestler, who has left a significant mark on the world of wrestling, will unfold. Booker T and Sting have had the opportunity to collaborate many times in their careers. Booker T is someone who respects this amazing wrestler. He emphasized that they were never friends who hung out together. However, if invited, Booker T would attend Sting's last match.

“If I was off and I was invited, I probably would go. I mean, no one has invited me. Sting and I, we were close in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t necessarily say Sting and I were like friends or buddies that hung out or anything. We’ve never hung out or anything like that, but I have always had the utmost respect for Steve. If I was invited to be at his last match, I definitely would consider it, you know, if I was off. If I’m off, I’m always available.”- he said, as quoted by

What can particularly delight fans is the fact that Jeff Jarrett emphasized in his podcast 'My World with Jeff Jarrett' that Sting's promo is the best he's ever done. The moments Sting has gone through and continues to go through after the death of his father were the topic of his promo, where Sting was particularly emotional. Sting displayed a wide range of emotions.

Jeff Jarrett
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Jarrett is happy for him and his long career. He believes it's time for the end after all that Sting has achieved in his career.

“I think it’s the very best promo he’s ever done. I gotta be careful because I don’t want to blur the lines because there was no blurring of the lines. Sting is going through a real life situation with the passing of his father, and when you have those kinds of emotions, raw, and touched on about his own mortality. I’ve had those exact same thoughts with the passing of my father.”

Booker T on Tiffany Stratton's performance in the Elimination Chamber match

In discussing Tiffany Stratton and her performance in the Elimination Chamber match, Booker T explained that he has witnessed her growth and development. He highlighted that Tiffany has been learning from various sources, not just him, but also from the learning tree of NXT, including Shawn Michaels, Matt Bloom, and other trainers.  Tiffany Stratton has always been an open-minded individual, ready to learn new things. This is one of the reasons why she has made tremendous progress and become well-known in the world of wrestling. Stratton understood the importance of listening to her trainers, absorbing knowledge, and preparing herself for great achievements. All the effort she invested is now beginning to pay off.

Booker T acknowledged that Tiffany had the potential to move to the main roster earlier, but he cited an interview where she expressed a deliberate approach, stating that she wasn't rushing and wanted to soak up all the knowledge possible before making that transition. This is an example of the mentality that many should have. If you feel that you're not ready for the big stage just yet, perhaps it's better to wait. That's precisely the approach Tiffany took. It turned out she made a good decision. She worked diligently, realizing that it would take some more time to be ready for the big stage.

Booker T commended her for reaching a position where she is now ready and capable. He emphasized her versatility, stating that she could work with anyone in the world and compete at a high level. Despite being relatively new to the business, Booker T praised Tiffany's exceptional ability to understand the psychology of wrestling and credited her dedication to learning the business.

To become a wrestling star, it is necessary to improve every aspect of your performance. It's not just about physical aspects but also psychological aspects. Analyzing your opponent, your potential, and your qualities is a crucial step toward success.

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