Eric Bischoff Prefers Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns over Reigns vs. The Rock

"It was a rushed story. It was an angle. That is what it really was."

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff Prefers Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns over Reigns vs. The Rock
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Eric Bischoff commented on his 83 Weeks podcast about why he was more in favor of the Cody Rhodes-Roman Reigns story than The Rock-Roman Reigns story. WWE fans were surprised by the decision of WWE executives, but they had no choice but to accept things as they were. 

Bischoff preferred the first option and revealed why. 

Putting Cody's storyline on hold is not something Eric wants. He believes that the decision regarding The Rock was rushed and should have been carefully considered. He emphasized that this is a rushed story, but we will see if it turns out to be the right decision.

“It’s not so much that I think the Cody-Roman match is bigger than Rock versus Roman. I’m not putting that kind of evaluation on it in my own mind. I think the reason that I’m resistant to the idea of just putting Cody’s storyline on hold is because we rushed Rock to the scene and didn’t really think through the process. It would have been too much too soon. If that Bloodline storyline with The Rock had been the foundation for that story or the beats in that story would have been happening for the last three, four or five months, I’d be with you on that. I might have a different opinion altogether, but that wasn’t the case. It was a rushed story. It was an angle. That is what it really was. It wasn’t a storyline. It wasn’t a typical act one. It was an angle to start a story and I just think it would have been rushed. I think putting Cody’s story off to the side, a story that has been told for a year now, a little over a year, it’s a timing issue. It’s not a quantitative issue. It’s a timing issue.”- Bischoff said, as quoted by

Eric Bischoff on Sting's last match at AEW's Revolution Pay-Per-View

On Sting's last match at AEW's Revolution Pay-Per-View, Eric Bischoff expressed anticipation for the main event. He mentioned that if it were more convenient, he would consider attending the event in person. 

Despite stressing the possibility of being critical, he clarified that he's not eager to be negative. Eric emphasized his intention to be supportive and look for ways to improve the experience. 

Sting© Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment

He wants to leave the event excited for his friend, Sting and hopes Sting concludes his career exactly as he desires, enjoying the final moments in front of a large audience. Eric believes it will be an amazing experience and expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming match.

Sting is a wrestling icon who has shown his qualities on the big stage for many years. His departure will leave a huge void in the world of wrestling. Over the years, we had the privilege of witnessing Sting's performances, and he was one of the reasons why many fell in love with WWE. Sting has always been an intriguing personality, capturing the attention of all. However, every career must come to an end, but the most important thing is to leave a positive impression on everyone and be remembered in history as a positive and shining personality.

Eric Bischoff reacts to Kevin Nash's decision not to attend Sting's last match

Regarding Kevin Nash's decision not to attend Sting's last match due to loyalty to Triple H, Eric Bischoff feels there might be more to the story. He mentioned that if he hadn't just finished a week of travel, he would have considered being a part of it and might have even gone incognito to avoid causing a distraction. 

Kevin Nash
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Eric recognized that he knows Kevin well, understanding him as a loyal but occasionally stubborn friend. He speculated that Kevin might want to avoid attending to ensure he doesn't become a distraction on Sting's amazing night. Even if Kevin didn't explicitly state it, Eric understands this concern, especially considering Kevin Nash's prominent position.

Nash clarified that his loyalty lies with WWE, expressing discomfort with having a picture of him in the crowd with a label reading 'Is All Elite.' He pointed out his close friendship with Paul Levesque (Triple H), emphasizing the conflict between his WWE affiliation and AEW. 

Nash emphasized that, despite his friendship with Sting and their great relationship, he cannot be part of an AEW event at this moment. It remains to be seen if Sting will have a specific reaction to these statements from his friend. The most important thing for him is not to dwell on it but to stay focused on the final match of his career, where he wants to bid farewell to the fans in the best possible way. It will certainly be a fantastic night.

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