Randy Orton reflects: I had the title, but lacked the maturity. I wasn't ready

Randy Orton talked about the challenges of describing the emotions and responsibilities that come with being a champion in professional wrestling

by Sead Dedovic
Randy Orton reflects: I had the title, but lacked the maturity. I wasn't ready
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In a preview clip from the upcoming A&E Biography: Legends documentary, Randy Orton reflects on his victory over Chris Benoit, a match that is still talked about today, to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the 2004 SummerSlam PPV. Randy Orton, then a 24-year-old and a young wrestler on the rise, was given the opportunity every wrestler dreams of. 

His qualities were evident from the moment he arrived in the company. WWE executives realized that Orton was someone who deserved a chance to become a champion. Orton felt emotions at that time that he would never forget. 

Stephanie McMahon gave him a phone and told him to call his family. His children lived through those moments, feeling his emotions and hearing his voice, a moment that he will never forget. Making his family proud is something everyone dreams of. Orton was particularly surprised by the reaction of his father, known as a tough man who doesn't show emotions much. All of this speaks volumes about Orton's success and the impact he has made

“This was the culmination of all this hard work. I knew my father and my grandfather would be watching me, proud of me. I believe Stephanie McMahon gave me her cell phone. She was like ‘Call your dad. Call your grandpa. Talk to them.’ And I’m so glad that she did. My grandpa, he was only around for a few years after so just hearing his voice, hearing how proud he was of me, you know, that’s a conversation I will never forget. Same with my father, I called him next. I’d never heard my old man get choked up. Like, he’s old school to the bone. But he was choked up on the phone that night. So it was a special night.”- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Randy Orton talked about the challenges of describing the emotions and responsibilities that come with being a champion in professional wrestling.  For him, the primary goal was to become a champion, but he didn't know what could follow after everything. Being a champion is a great responsibility and requires a lot of work and effort. Orton was at the top of the world at that time.

He reflected on feeling overwhelmed by the greatness of holding the title but admitted that he wasn't fully prepared for it. Despite this, Orton acknowledged his past success, making a good income at a young age, and living his dream, all while recognizing a certain level of self-confidence.

Randy Orton
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In a recent interview with Fox News, Randy Orton talked about Cody Rhodes leaving WWE to help start AEW. Cody Rhodes was dissatisfied with his treatment in WWE, primarily due to his discontent with the character he had to portray. Additionally, he wanted to escape from being overshadowed by his father's legacy. Realizing the importance of pursuing new challenges and turning a new chapter in his career, Cody joined AEW. In AEW, he became a wrestler widely appreciated and recognized as one of the most talented in the industry. Cody gained immense popularity in AEW, impressing us all.

Randy Orton on Cody Rhodes' impact on the wrestling scene

Orton appreciated Cody's impact on the wrestling business and the positive influence he had on talent. He stressed Cody's efforts in creating competition, even though he questioned whether to call it competition now. Orton credited Cody for bringing together a group of talents, securing a TV deal, and gaining global attention for the AEW product. Cody Rhodes wasn't satisfied with his WWE role, and he wanted to explore new opportunities. Joining AEW, he became a respected wrestler, impressing fans and gaining popularity. Regardless of the company, Rhodes attracted attention with his talent and influenced others, especially guiding young wrestlers on how to progress in their careers.

Orton suggested that Cody's return to WWE highlights the company as the obvious No. 1 place for a professional wrestler, emphasizing its importance in the industry.

Orton is also happy that Rhodes returned to WWE. He is pleased to see Rhodes in a top guy role, something he aimed for in his own career. Now that Rhodes has reached the pinnacle, Orton can appreciate the challenges he faced in the past. If Rhodes hadn't encountered various obstacles, it's uncertain if he would have become the wrestler he is today. Becoming a star often requires facing challenges that provide valuable lessons for personal growth.

The future within WWE for this wrestler will be interesting. Executives have intriguing plans for Rhodes, and fans are hopeful for the best. It appears that Rhodes has the largest fan base in WWE.

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