Eric Bischoff On Steve Austin's Comeback: Nostalgia, Health, and Physical Challenges

“I will [be surprised if he wrestles again]. I’d be happy to see it."- Bischoff said.

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff On Steve Austin's Comeback: Nostalgia, Health, and Physical Challenges
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Eric Bischoff spoke about WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and his potential return to the wrestling scene on his 83 Weeks podcast. Bischoff emphasized at the outset that he would be surprised if Austin decides to make a comeback on the big stage. Eric expressed excitement at the prospect of such an outcome. Considering Austin's career and achievements, wrestling fans would surely love such an outcome. It all depends on Austin and how he feels at this moment.

“I will [be surprised if he wrestles again]. I’d be happy to see it. I’d be excited to see it. But I would definitely be surprised if next year’s WrestleMania is a long way off, and it’s hard to predict. But it all comes down to how Steve’s feeling. I was probably in Steve’s last quote-unquote match, but it really wasn’t much of a match. But in terms of being promoted with a story behind it, an arc leading to a pay-per-view and all that, when I wrestled Steve and Montreal, I didn’t want to say wrestled when I was in the ring was Steve at Montreal."- he said, as quoted by

Bischoff reflected on the past when Steve Austin faced injury problems, creating doubt about his potential return. It seemed as if Austin might never come back. However, a determined and motivated individual like Austin never considered giving up. He knew that quitting wasn't the solution. 

Eric Bischoff
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Bischoff raised the question of Austin's current health status, emphasizing that Austin is the best judge of his condition and whether he is ready to step back into the ring. Although Bischoff would like to see it happen, it appears that Eric is not overly optimistic that it will indeed happen.

"And at that point in time, when I don’t remember when that was, that was 2005, maybe, or almost 20 years ago, and there was no in a world I could have ever imagined at that point in time that Steve would ever step into the ring in an actual match with an actual opponent. Just physically, it wasn’t in the cards. Now, is Steve recovered? If he is in rehab, does he overcome the issues that you had? Whenever I worked with him, No Way Out. If he has that, I could see it because he looks like he’s in great shape. As far as how he knows his body. He knows what he can do and what he can’t do. I’d love to see it. But I would be surprised.”- he continued.

Eric Bischoff on the potential match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk

Rarely does any wrestling podcast pass without mentioning CM Punk. Ever since the incident in AEW, CM Punk has been one of the main topics.

Eric Bischoff discussed the potential match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk, considering both wrestlers' injury histories.  CM Punk is a wrestler who continues to impress WWE fans. Both he and Stone Cold Steve Austin share many similarities. CM Punk is a persona who has faced numerous injuries in his career, but that hasn't stopped him from making a comeback. Many were not optimistic about CM Punk returning to WWE, and his comeback generated excitement among everyone. Now that he's back, fans eagerly await what WWE executives have planned for the brilliant CM Punk.

He stressed that both Austin and Punk would need to work hard to be physically ready for the demands of a match. Bischoff emphasized that returning legends like Austin face the challenge of living up to the audience's memories, which may be hyper-inflated over time.  Somewhat older fans often nostalgically recall Austin's matches where he took the lead role. Many matches marked an era in WWE, with Steve Austin being the main protagonist. This is one of the reasons why he will always be inscribed in the history of this company.

He put an accent on the difficulty of meeting expectations based on nostalgic recollections. Additionally, he pointed out that Punk, given his age and recent injury history, would need extended injury-free runs to regain momentum. The process of rehabilitation and getting back into ring shape would pose challenges for Punk, and Bischoff expressed curiosity about how Punk would fare considering the injuries sustained over the past year.

Some do not doubt CM Punk and consider him a persona ready for any challenge, regardless of his health condition. It is difficult to predict whether there will indeed be a match between these two great wrestlers shortly. Their injuries are the main obstacle to such an outcome. However, fans still hope that WWE executives might prepare a surprise for them and give them what they want.

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