Gunther on possible Imperium addition, Triple H's qualities, and Breakker's debut

This great wrestler discussed various topics, including Bron Breakker's debut

by Sead Dedovic
Gunther on possible Imperium addition, Triple H's qualities, and Breakker's debut
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Gunther is always an interesting personality in the wrestling scene for many reasons. The man who continues to captivate wrestling fans with his qualities was a guest on the Battleground Podcast. Despite rumors that Imperium might receive additions in the form of a female member, Gunther emphasized that they have no such intentions. 

The Austrian wrestler has great relationships with two of his colleagues: Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. The three of them share many great memories, and their amazing chemistry is noticeable. At this moment, they are not considering adding anyone to the team, as it is a natural process. Imperium has interesting plans for the future, but it seems that they are still preparing for what lies ahead.

“There’s no plans for that, no. It’s not a group where it’s like ‘We’ve got to fill those spots. Who do we take?’ It either naturally comes together or it doesn’t come together. I’ve known both of them for a long time now, especially Kaiser. I think we’ve known each other since 2009 or 2010. And we’ve traveled everywhere together in Germany, and now we’re doing it again up here. There’s a connection behind it and that’s why we’re doing it. I don’t think…I could not be in a situation like that with somebody that I have no real connection with, on a personal level as well. So there’s not really any plan to that.”- he said, as quoted by

Gunther also commented on the backstage morale. He emphasized that he is a person who doesn't allow anyone to influence his mood or morale. Gunther is known as an individual with clear goals and motives, which is why he has become such a fantastic wrestler. Gunther intends to remain the same person in the future and prove to everyone that he is one of the best within the company.

Gunther said that WWE has been doing well since Triple H took over. He believes the company is setting trends and is currently in a period of significant growth, which he thinks is unprecedented. Gunther gives credit to Triple H's leadership, suggesting that the company is performing at its best in various aspects. Overall, he sees this as a great time for WWE.

Triple H
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Gunther isn't the only one who had words of praise for Triple H and his leadership abilities. Considering the rich experience that Triple H has, many expected this former outstanding wrestler to achieve great things in WWE as a leader. Although Vince McMahon had been the man in charge for many years, someone had to succeed him. Triple H has proven to be the right person for the job.

Gunter on Bron Breakker's debut in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

This great wrestler discussed various topics, including Bron Breakker's debut in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Match on SmackDown. He praised Breakker for making the most of his first appearance on the main roster, highlighting his energy and athleticism that sets him apart. However, Gunther also pointed out the unique nature of the Royal Rumble match, where participants spend only a few minutes, and he expressed curiosity about Breakker's ability to sustain such performance in a one-on-one situation.

Many expect nothing but the best from Bron Breakker. He has immediately shown that he could become a wrestler who will be talked about in the years to come. By defeating Dante Chen, Breakker has shown the world that the rumors about his talent and qualities were not without reason. Only the best could follow from him.

Gunther also talked about the chance of facing Breakker at WrestleMania 40. He expressed confidence in such a matchup, citing his nearly 20-year career advantage over Breakker, who is still young and less experienced.  The fact is that Gunther has the necessary experience that could make an important difference in such a match. Regardless of whom he faces, Gunther is always confident and believes that he will come out as the winner

Despite this, Gunther recognizes Breakker's potential and is open to the challenge. If Breakker is chosen as his opponent for WrestleMania, the Austrian wrestler believes it would be an exciting and interesting match.

It will be interesting to see what plans WWE executives have for both Bron Breakker and Gunther. A match between the two would undoubtedly generate a huge interest. However, it is hard at this moment to assess what WWE officials have in store for the future. What is certain: The careers of both will be closely watched, and we hope to see the best from them.

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