John Cena on his feud with The Rock, retiring from WWE, and how he met his wife

Cena understands that everyone wants to have control over how they end their careers

by Sead Dedovic
John Cena on his feud with The Rock, retiring from WWE, and how he met his wife
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John Cena, during his appearance on Sirius XM, talked about his feud with The Rock. The feud between Cena and The Rock was a great and intense rivalry. Cena admitted that he took jabs at The Rock because he believed he had nothing to lose and held the upper hand in the situation. Cena's perspective was influenced by The Rock's public declarations of affection for WWE despite not actively participating in it.

“Oh my god. To me, it was [like], ‘I’m going to jab this guy because I have nothing to lose. I have all the leverage … My angle came from the fact that he was openly saying, ‘I love the W.W.E.’ And I was like, ‘Man, if you love it, why aren’t you here?’ What a stupid thing [of me] to say,” he continued, adding, “I’m so sorry because he had a lot to lose.

I can sit across from you now and say I love the W.W.E., but ‘Smackdown’ is in two days and I’m not going to be there. And now I have to eat a bunch of shit and say, ‘Fuck, I was wrong, I’m sorry.’”- John Cena said, as reported by

Cena and The Rock faced tensions before Wrestlemania in 2012 but reconciled while preparing for their match. Cena praised The Rock's professionalism and attention to detail, highlighting the incorporation of The Rock's ideas into the match, even the ending where Cena lost. 

After the match, Cena apologized to The Rock and his family for his earlier comments. The experience brought them closer, and they are now good friends, regularly communicating and appreciating each other's unique qualities. Cena acknowledges the challenges of following in The Rock's footsteps, recognizing the vast difference in their levels of success. 

Both are wrestlers who have achieved great things in their careers and have marked an era in the world of wrestling. Both have a massive fan base that has supported them since the early days of their careers. They are wrestlers who will be talked about for years to come, considering the impact they have left.

John Cena is 46 years old, and he signed his first contract with WWE back in 2001. It's been 23 years since his debut. Being in the wrestling scene for so many years and achieving such success is truly impressive. Cena has numerous great memories throughout his career. He's known for passionately doing his job, having a fondness for his fans, and constantly striving to improve. However, just like any other career, his wrestling journey will eventually come to an end. Fans are wondering when Cena will say goodbye!

John Cena on retiring from WWE

John Cena is thinking about retiring from WWE around the age of 50. He understands that everyone wants to have control over how they end their careers, but he acknowledges the uncertainty of such decisions. Cena seems accepting of the situation, especially considering his two decades of involvement with WWE.

Retiring is never an easy decision. Many wrestlers struggle to end their careers because it becomes a part of your life. However, sometimes you have to be aware that your body can no longer endure the same demands, and it's time to close one chapter in your life.

John Cena met his wife, Shay Shariatzadeh, unexpectedly in 2019 while watching a Super Bowl game at a Vancouver restaurant. Despite not actively looking for a relationship, Cena described it as something that found him. After being too nervous to approach Shay initially, he mustered the courage to ask for her number through a friend. It seems like Cena felt that she would become the woman of his life.

Shay Shariatzadeh and John Cena
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Reflecting on their first meeting, Cena decided to take the initiative a year later to propose. Initially intending to propose at a scenic ocean-view restaurant in San Diego on Valentine's Day, Cena ultimately popped the question a day early in their living room. Despite the absence of elaborate plans, the proposal was characterized by a sincere and open conversation. Those were special moments for him that he will never forget.

John Cena shared that he was eager to play a mermaid in the movie 'Barbie' after reading the script. His decision was strange to many, and they did not expect that Cena would really agree to such a proposal.

Despite his agency advising against it, Cena was excited about the unique role and agreed to be a mermaid for half a day in the film. Even though some considered it unconventional for Cena's status, he was excited about the opportunity.

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