Randy Orton about his return and CM Punk's: I thought they were joking

“I was supposed to be a surprise in WarGames at Survivor Series."- Orton said.

by Sead Dedovic
Randy Orton about his return and CM Punk's: I thought they were joking
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In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Randy Orton discussed interesting topics from the wrestling world and aspects of his career. His return generated excitement and positive reactions from fans who eagerly awaited the moment. Considering the sport's history, Randy Orton is an individual with a great impact. His career is marked by successes, scandals, and intriguing moments. Orton is a wrestler highly respected by the audience. Naturally, the first topic he addressed was his return at Survivor Series. Randy Orton explained how everything unfolded and what fans expected from the start.

“I was supposed to be a surprise in WarGames at Survivor Series. All these CM Punk rumors started a month prior, and everyone thought–since we were in Chicago for Survivor Series–that CM Punk would be the surprise. So they had Cody a week before WarGames say that he had a friend–me–that was going to come. The surprise was spoiled all because Punk was rumored to be there, and WWE didn’t want people to be pissed.”- Orton said, as quoted by pwmania.com

CM Punk's return also created a noise. Rumors had been circulating for months that CM Punk would come back to this company. However, few genuinely believed it would happen. Considering his character and the scandals in his career, many didn't expect WWE executives to take the risk and give CM Punk a chance. On the other hand, WWE leaders knew what CM Punk could mean for the company and its popularity. CM Punk is an intriguing figure in the wrestling scene, and every appearance of his sparks numerous reactions. In AEW, he showed his brilliance and abilities. Even Randy Orton didn't anticipate CM Punk's return.

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Randy Orton talked about the unexpected return of CM Punk at Survivor Series. On the day of the event, Triple H informed Orton about Punk's comeback, catching him off guard. Initially, Orton thought it was a joke because the news was so sudden. This unexpected twist added excitement to the event, especially considering Orton's nerves and his year-and-a-half break from wrestling. The surprise return of Punk created a memorable moment in the wrestling world.  Orton once again recalled the factor of unpredictability in the wrestling scene, which he missed. We know that WWE executives enjoy organizing such surprises and shocking their viewers.

On his reaction to the surprise return, Randy Orton expressed excitement. He highlighted that, in the past, WWE had often revealed his returns to boost viewership, but this time it was genuinely unexpected. 

Orton mentioned that in the past, he might have been upset about not being in the loop, but this time was different. It became a defining moment for him, showing personal growth. 

Orton emphasized that he could have been frustrated, but he chose not to be. The WarGames match turned out great, both his return and CM Punk's were well-received, and the situation demonstrated how much he had matured. Orton felt proud of how he handled the situation, emphasizing that it would have been an issue only if he made it one.

Orton is a person who is well acquainted with the situation in the wrestling world. He has learned lessons from the past, and now he has a completely different perspective on everything.

Randy Orton on the accusations against Vince McMahon

Randy Orton, a current WWE star, has shared his thoughts on the accusations against Vince McMahon, the former CEO and Chairman of WWE. Despite recognizing McMahon's great impact on his career, Orton expressed sincere distress about the nature of the allegations. He mentioned that reading about the accusations deeply affects him. Orton's reaction combines gratitude for McMahon's contributions to his career with genuine concern about the serious nature of the accusations.

Randy Orton talked about changes in WWE, mentioning how, in the past, Vince McMahon would rewrite scripts multiple times, causing late nights for the writers. However, Orton is now happy with the recent changes under Triple H. The new leaders in WWE are much more reasonable and have entirely different attitudes. Vince McMahon, the former leader, was known for his rigid views and authoritarian approach, causing fear among many. However, since the new leadership took over, things have changed in WWE.

He expressed happiness with the current situation, giving credit to individuals like Nick Khan, Triple H, and Bruce Prichard for showing genuine care for the talent. Orton believes that the company has transformed, and there is a shared feeling among the talent that the new leadership truly cares about them. WWE executives want every wrestler to have a chance. Additionally, there is a large number of talents within the company, more than ever before it seems. The goal is to develop these talents and give them the right role in the future.

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