CM Punk on his recovery, return to WWE, and The Rock's return

"I’ll be back bigger and better.- he said

by Sead Dedovic
CM Punk on his recovery, return to WWE, and The Rock's return
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CM Punk, in an interview for TNT Sport, discussed topics that interest wrestling fans. CM Punk is currently one of the main figures in the world of wrestling, attracting enormous attention. Considering that CM Punk suffered a triceps injury, his plans for WrestleMania were disrupted. However, given that he has often faced such situations in his career, CM Punk believes that he will come back even stronger after everything.

"You know, fingers crossed? Yeah, I was gonna headline WrestleMania. Obviously, now I’m not, but it’s sports. It’s what happens to athletes, like I mentally I think it’s harder because the physical pain is whatever, but I look at it just like a bump in the road. You know, this is an occupational hazard. It happens. And I’ll be back bigger and better.- he said, as quoted by

CM Punk is still unsure about the duration of his recovery. For him, it is crucial to remain optimistic, and he believes it will take 6 to 8 months. CM Punk shows confidence, as he has many times in his career. Despite being in his serious years, it doesn't bother him. He believes he is still a wrestler who can come back after an injury and be equally good.

“Yeah, well, I’m a clumsy idiot. I tore my left tricep about two years ago. So, the right one was jealous. I’m like, I’m like an old car. I’m like a 72 Nova, you know what I mean? We have to, we have to change some parts every now and again. So once we fix up all the parts, the engine is still strong. We’ll still be good to go. We’re thinking maybe six to eight months, but I’m not really in a rush to get back to compete. I’m in a rush to get healthy. I’m in a rush to get better. And the sooner I do that, the better. I’ll be when I come back. "- he continued

CM Punk returned to WWE after a period of burnout and exploring other opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of timing in his decision to come back. Reflecting on his past wrestling career and the toll it took, Punk mentions the need for balance, especially when young and eager to seize every opportunity. 

His career is marked by many incidents. Despite everything, CM Punk never intended to give up. On the contrary, in moments when he faced intense criticism, CM Punk wanted to prove to the world that he is a wrestler of top-notch quality. Frequently challenged and criticized, CM Punk captures the attention of everyone. This is one of the reasons why he has become so popular.

CM Punk explained that time has allowed him to heal and appreciate the changes in the wrestling world. Punk sees his return as fitting and is grateful for the positive reception and impact of his comeback to WWE. His return to WWE has been talked about a lot. When it became official, a significant buzz erupted in the world of wrestling. This amazing wrestler has mostly generated positive reactions with his comeback.

CM Punk's reaction to The Rock's return

Similar to CM Punk, The Rock's return has caught the attention of many. The Rock is a significant figure with a strong influence on WWE. While there are some opposing his comeback, it appears that more people are anticipating it. Older fans, especially, are pleased and enthusiastic about this development. There are concerns among some that The Rock's return might overshadow younger wrestlers and impact their chances. Nonetheless, The Rock has returned with the intention of making meaningful contributions once again.

The Rock
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CM Punk expresses his excitement about The Rock's return to WWE. He reflects on their past match ten years ago and highlights how the wrestling scene has changed, with WrestleMania now spanning two nights.  WWE, just like many sports and companies, has progressed over the years and strived to introduce innovations. From this perspective, when we look at it, many things have changed, but the fact remains that WWE still generates just as much, if not more, interest as it did back then.

Punk believes that The Rock's return is positive for the industry, emphasizing that it lifts all aspects of wrestling. Despite his injury, Punk expresses his intention to stay engaged by using his verbal skills to talk trash and contribute to the wrestling scene, as seen in recent interactions with The Rock, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes.

Despite all the changes, one thing remains certain: CM Punk is a wrestler who always stays true to his character and style. He has no intention of changing that!

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