Booker T reacts to Shotzi’s injury causing fear among WWE NXT executives

"So see her in this position and then boom, go down like that. Just hard, man, just hard."

by Sead Dedovic
Booker T reacts to Shotzi’s injury causing fear among WWE NXT executives
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Booker T discussed interesting topics and events in the wrestling scene on his 'Hall of Fame' podcast. One of the topics was Shotzi's knee injury, which is currently a major talking point in NXT. Fans of this wrestler can't be happy, considering that it's still unknown how long Shotzi will be absent. Shotzi got injured while filming a match against Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Championship on an upcoming episode of WWE NXT.

Booker T also reacted to her injury. 

He expressed sadness and disappointment about what happened to Shotzi. He remains optimistic that this talented wrestler will return soon. Wrestling has always brought about such things. It is essential for Shotzi to stay optimistic and hope to re-enter the ring soon. Booker T had nothing but praise for her recent accomplishments. She has proven to be a wrestler deserving of respect. Her performances have impressed everyone, but situations like these are undoubtedly challenging for her.

Booker T said, “I heard it was really a hard one and a tough one too. And she was in a lot of pain. Hopefully, she can chop it up and get it back because she has become such a cool character. Lover. It’s such a player you know, it’s just her just to feel that comes out for her when she’s doing a promo. She’s so confident. And you know, being around her for a long time, got a chance to work with her tough enough. So see her in this position and then boom, go down like that. Just hard, man, just hard. You know, just talking about this just three weeks back and forth. A lot of ladies going down and getting hurt and knee injuries whatnot, whatnot then, but it’s just the cost of being in the business.” Booker T said, as reported by

Right after the injury, Shotzi emphasized on social media that she feels devastated after everything. In moments when her career is at its peak, such things can certanily slow her progress. However, all top wrestlers have faced such or similar injuries at some point in their careers and returned even stronger. Shotzi has indicated that she will provide more details about her injury in the next few days. There is optimism that the injury might not be as serious as it seems.

"I don’t have much to say right now other than I am devastated. It’s heartbreaking to be missing my Elimination Chamber opportunity tonight. But I just wanted to wish all the women competing good luck. I’ll open up more about how I’m feeling and my injury later."- Shotzi wrote on social media.

Dave Meltzer also decided to react, expressing concern for this wrestler. The forecasts are evidently not optimistic at the moment, although they are not necessarily a guarantee that things are truly so bad. NXT management is in panic over this situation. However, in the next few days, we will find out how serious the injury really is.

"They were in a panic. They were stalling to try to figure out what to do. And maybe nobody else was ready. And she [Lash Legend] had just wrestled. Maybe she was in her gear. Maybe nobody else was in their gear," -Dave Meltzer said. 

Booker T about a wrestler who deserves to get more opportunities

During the same episode, Booker T gave his perspective on an equally interesting topic.

Booker T talked about a wrestler in NXT whom he believes is not getting enough chances. Even though he didn't mention the wrestler's name, Booker T thinks this person has a lot of potential and deserves more opportunities to show their skills. He emphasized the importance of giving this wrestler more exposure and recognition, showing confidence in their abilities.

 Booker T also hinted at their collaborative efforts in training, suggesting that with additional opportunities, this talent could make a significant impact in the world of wrestling.

Booker T
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Looking at the current situation in the world of wrestling, it seems that there has never been such a large number of talents as there is now. There are several names that stand out, but overall, the wrestling world has an enormous number of talents that we will only see in the coming months or years. Booker T is a personality who knows how to work with young talents and help them build great careers. To make a big impact in the world of wrestling, you have to give someone a chance to develop. WWE executives know how to recognize talent, and we have no doubt that the future holds even better things for this company.

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