Ric Flair: "There are only three superstars who have changed wrestling history"

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Ric Flair: "There are only three superstars who have changed wrestling history"

Ric Flair will be one of the most anticipated stars of the Raw Legends Night show, which airs next week and will welcome countless superstars who have made WWE popular around the world. In a long interview granted in recent days to promote the event, the 16-time world champion named the three characters who, from his point of view, have had the greatest impact in the history of the Stamford federation.

The WWE Hall of Famer had no hesitation, revealing how Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker stood out more than any other athlete in this business. Hogan played a key role in the growth of WWE at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, while Steve Austin was the symbol of the Attitude Era and further increased wrestling fame outside the United States.

Finally, the Deadman has shown incredible loyalty to Vince McMahon despite tempting offers from other companies, as well as being perhaps his most iconic superstar of any era. The Gravedigger received a final tribute from WWE at the Survivor Series, where his unrivaled career began 30 years ago.

"I think Hulk Hogan is one of the two or three guys who have made the most of WWE history, there is no doubt. The others are, in my opinion, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. These three legends have had the ability to stand out more than anyone else," said Flair.

"Every time I have had the chance to fight with the Hulk it has been an opportunity to rise to the top of the federation, so I will be forever grateful to him. I could have cited four or five other top players, but he was the Golden Goose and the king of Make-a-Wish long before he was publicly recognized as he is now.

He devoted time to the little ones after every single show," he added.

The latest on Wrestlemania 37 matches

Another match in which the federation and the WWE Universe believe a lot is yet another rematch in the feud between the Legend Killer Randy Orton and Edge, currently stopped due to an injury.

Initially there was also talk of a meeting between Orton and Bray Wyatt in the show of The Immortals but the reality is that with the upcoming match at TLC this hypothesis seems to move away and the most credible option is precisely the match between The Viper and Edge.

The Main Event or in any case the most anticipated match of the evening could however be the one for the title of WWE Champion. According to colleagues at WrestleVotes there could be an incredible Triple Threat Match between current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, possible Rumble winner Keith Lee (there are many to give it as a favorite) and finally none other than Brock Lesnar with The Beast who would return specifically for the Wrestlemania match and would thus try to take his revenge perhaps by winning the title.

The first rumors about Wrestlemania 37 appear but it seems certain that this three-way match would intrigue everyone and literally drive the WWE Universe crazy. Currently Brock Lesnar is firm and without a contract with the WWE, it was even hypothesized that he would join other federations, but apparently Vince McMahon does not want to leave one of his favorite wrestlers and would be ready to relaunch him in what many would like to be one of the best Wrestlemania of recent years.