Former WWE Star Shares His Thoughts on Vince McMahon's Legal Allegations

"I know all the allegations against him. But, Vince McMahon has never been anything but nice to me."- Buchanan said.

by Sead Dedovic
Former WWE Star Shares His Thoughts on Vince McMahon's Legal Allegations
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Former WWE star Bull Buchanan discussed the WWE's approach to the Vince McMahon legal allegations in a recent interview on the Wrestling Epicenter. Accusations against Vince McMahon have sparked numerous reactions. Former and current WWE stars have shared their opinions, and the responses are mixed. However, looking at ordinary fans, no one could have expected such a turn of events. Buchanan has only words of praise for McMahon and the treatment he received while being part of WWE. This former WWE star has always been impressed by the behavior of the WWE boss. Buchanan also emphasized that he has always been well-compensated, even more than he might have expected from McMahon. There are many aspects that he respects about Vince, and he still holds fond memories from that period.

“I think they’re handing it as well as they could possibly handle it. One of the problems with society today is that people don’t treat people the way they wanted to be treated. I know all the allegations against him. But, Vince McMahon has never been anything but nice to me. When I was there, we would always have a WrestleMania after party and my family… Well, all the families, but in particular, my family would be there. It always impressed me how Vince would treat my kids and how Stephanie would take my kids over to the gimmick boxes and they would come back wearing Road Warriors shoulder pads and foam fingers and all of that stuff. He was always nice to me. He always paid me more than I thought I was worth. I hate that it has come to this. Did I ever see him do anything like what he’s accused of? No. But, I also didn’t expect to turn the corner at the Staples Center and see Vince doing that. (laughs) But, I always thought good of him and I even got along with him. I never thought I would see a world where the WWE didn’t have Vince McMahon in it.”-Buchanan said, as quoted by

The first encounter with Vince McMahon is a moment that many wrestlers remember. Considering the stories surrounding McMahon's authority and leadership style over the years, a large number of wrestlers feel a sense of fear during their initial meeting. However, many have also emphasized that McMahon has many positive aspects to his personality, aside from the authority for which he is widely known.

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When Buchanan first met Vince McMahon, he was quite intimidated. In a one-on-one meeting at Titan Tower, he encountered various WWE figures, including Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). Buchanan humorously recounted feeling less stylish in his tight suit compared to The Rock's more casual attire. Despite initial nervousness, McMahon's imposing presence surprised him. 

During their conversation, McMahon asked about his goals in the company, and Buchanan expressed his willingness to do anything. McMahon appreciated his dedication but stressed the importance of finding the right role. Buchanan recalled the interaction positively, emphasizing McMahon's guidance and the absence of any negative experiences.

Vince was a boss who knew how to handle individuals. The fact is that not every wrestler received the same treatment. When you have such diverse characters within the company, it is sometimes challenging to balance and provide everyone with the same treatment. Additionally, some wrestlers require different treatment. All of this speaks to how challenging it is to be the boss of a company like WWE. It can be said that Vince did an excellent job considering the size of the company and the popularity they had, and still have, now.

Bull Buchanan shares his plans and goals

Buchanan shared his future plans, which include starting a school called the Bull Pen. This name was suggested by his family. He also mentioned an agreement to organize shows for WGTV in West Georgia, with the likely location being his hometown of Bowden, Georgia.  Considering the experience gained over the years in the wrestling scene, this former wrestler has decided to apply his knowledge and assist the new generations of wrestlers.

Buchanan aims to recruit young talents straight out of high school, indicating a shift where some older individuals may step aside to make room for emerging young talent. 

Many, after finishing their careers, have some regrets and feel they could have done much more, including Buchanan. His regret is the fact that he can no longer be part of the wrestling scene.

Buchanan expressed that his only regret is not being able to continue wrestling. He mentioned a desire to go back and give even more effort if possible. However, the main regret he feels is that this phase of his life has come to an end.

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