Conor McGregor challenges Vince McMahon!

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Conor McGregor challenges Vince McMahon!

Conor McGregor is one of the most famous MMA stars in the world. The Irish who was born in Dublin who in recent years has been raiding titles in the most important company in the world of mixed martial arts. In recent months, McGregor has also been joined to the WWE for several times, with the MMA champion who has said several times excited to be able to make the jump from MMA to wrestling, perhaps even in a match against Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns.

In fact, the Irishman is not new to provocations and in his past he has repeatedly mocked WWE wrestlers and the world of discipline in general, saying that these professionals would not be real fighters, but only girls.

Yet another challenge for McGregor, who now wants Vince McMahon on the ring

Apparently, McGregor's last (only in chronological order) challenge at WWE's address would have come knocking on the door of his Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who for years has now abandoned the role of "fighter", but that every now and then is challenged in a wrestling match by the most varied wrestlers in the world.

The last one only in chronological order, was therefore McGregor, who through some of his stories on Instagram, posted several challenge photos to the WWE Chairman's own address, such as the one shown below. As you can see in the photo in tall, the caption and the image created with some editing program speak clearly, Conor McGregor challenged Vince McMahon in a flash match, which WWE fans but also those of the UFC would gladly see, only for the great curiosity triggered by the thing.

It also seems unlikely that such a match will ever occur, both because it is not known if sooner or later Conor McGregor will really land in Stamford, and for the now advanced age of the WWE Chairman. Vince McMahon who for some years has now passed 70 years of age, therefore no longer has a physique suitable for his company's in-ring competitions, but we will see if this is not a sign that the former UFC world champion is not really doing it a little thought to this sensational new start.

Conor McGregor scored 22 victories in his career, 19 of which by knockout. He also challenged box star Floyd Mayweather Jr, who won the match for TKO in the 10th round.